photo_2020-06-25_10-31-34The entire so-called reality around us is a created reality. Off course, we cannot be aware of this as long as we are a part of it. In other words, as long as our perception is a part of reality, we cannot know that reality is created, staged. We realize this only when our perception separates from reality, from the level where we are. Everything within the created reality aims to appear as the truth, but that very aim of appearing as truth IS NOT the truth. It is just another lie, illusion, idea, a belief about lie, illusion, idea. Whenever I give significance to something within me, I strive to make it appear as if that thing is the truth. I gave significance to it, which is the truth of significance, not the truth itself – but I am unable to see this since I am created by significance I gave, whether positive or negative. As long as I am unaware that it is nothing but significance, I am that significance, that very “reality”. In the moment when I do see it and KNOW, the potential of significance gets reduced, disappears, or starts waning (which doesn’t mean it will completely disappear, unless we play it out to the end.) The moment in which I know that it is nothing more than significance I gave is the moment of awareness, awakening, the moment in which I realize that in itself, that thing has no meaning or significance, that I am the one who gave them. But up until that moment I will defend meaning and significance, protect and build them. Death or disappearance of a certain reality means that I have removed all meaning and significance from it.

The trouble with removing meaning and significance is fear. Fear is a built-in control mechanism of the illusory internal reality which is, well, illusory. Fear tells us that if we remove certain meaning or significance that thing will disappear, we will lack it and remain empty. This is how, through fear, illusion influences the consciousness entrapped by it. The truth is, you cannot remain empty for such a thing doesn’t exist. If something were empty it would have never even existed. Therefore, it does not exist. There is no such thing as an empty space for an “empty space” is filled – that space is what the space is filled with. When this insight, realization of this truth happens, the fear of emptiness, of unfulfillment, of losing meaning and significance disappears. There is no fear even if cognition that the space is “I” is lacking. Because fear is a “thing” which exists in spaciousness but is not of it.

Something appears in me and I recognize it as mine. The meaning and significance I give it appropriates that thing – thought, emotion, reaction, conviction, etc. – there is a reaction of appropriation through identification by way of meaning and significance. Naturally, the sense of “I” appears behind it. If I investigate this appropriation, I realize that it is “real” only because of meaning and significance I gave to that thing, and that without them that “thing” cannot exist in me. It will appear just like the next thought, but unless I give it meaning and significance, can it survive, remain, be “real”?

It will pass by without me becoming engaged or sucked in because it has no meaning, significance, or value for me. I notice that it happens “within me” but that it is not mine, it doesn’t get appropriated, validated. It passes by and disappears. A new one comes. It’s the same with emotions, only on this level appropriating becomes stronger and discarding gets harder. Which is also a result of meaning and significance we gave to emotion since we said that emotion is more real than thought, more constant, stronger, more important – meaning and significance, all of it. If we can see that, half the battle is won.

It is best to start playing this “game” with something that is not too important to us. External reality for example. Things, objects, passersby, things we aren’t overly attached to. Play it with a car you like a bit more than other cars, with a doll (or a boy-toy)  which you like more than other dolls passing you by. With cigarette brand you like more than another. Your drink. A parking spot you prefer. Notice the meaning and significance you gave; notice why you gave it and why you gave it to that particular thing.

It is best not to play with the internal and stronger meanings right away. When you do move to the internal, start with thoughts and physical sensations. Play with them for a while until you realize that removing meaning and significance doesn’t affect you – you as consciousness, space in which all of it is happening. When you see that meaning, whether of a car, a doll, parking space, thought, physical sensation – simply discard it. People often ask me how to go about it. Simple. Use any kind of trick or way of discarding. I used gimmicks, like internally waving an invisible hand as if chasing off a fly or a mosquito – chasing off meaning. Or, I would mentally blow out all meaning and significance or make them evaporate.

Usually, you will experience that you exist behind it. As soon as you discard meaning you will feel that you are present. Suddenly, the space is clear and consciousness, perception perceives its own presence. (this can cause strong reactions, so be careful.) Also, as soon as a new meaning starts sticking to a new thing, you will notice it and discard it. In time, the feeling of your existence which remains will become addictive, like it has just appeared but that’s not true; you’ll become addicted to the feeling of pleasure appearing when you notice your self, when only you remain. In the end, everything and everyone are nothing but meaning and significance you yourself gave. They appear within your perception. Only meaning and significance determine whether they will take up “your” space – you – or not.

As with every cure, there are some contraindications, and it’s up to me to give meaning and significance with a warning. People, things, cherished memories, teachings and all the rest will slowly lose their meaning and significance. You will realize that no one within you has any meaning or significance save the one you gave. You will see how it comes about, how it all happens. And you will find it hilarious. You will find yourself hilarious. People, things, appearances, happenings will become hilarious. More and more you will become what you ought to be, you. You will sober up. You will see intoxicated people. Your problems will become more sober too, for you will see that it was you who gave meaning and significance to them, and so on. This is a real, objective, and terrible danger.

For those of you prone to approach this “game” fanatically, those who have not yet freed themselves of fanaticism: Do this at your own discretion. If you give meaning and significance to this, that’s your meaning and significance, thereby, your responsibility. I warn against leaping into strong meanings and significances without having someone who may help you in this process. Playing with teddy-bears is not dangerous. Playing with dolls, toy cars and values on deeper level my cause unwanted side-effects. I do not recommend playing this game without a local guru, fortuneteller, psychiatrist, psychologist, pharmacist by your side. Especially if you play the game in relation to your local guru, mentor, fortuneteller, psychiatrist, psychologist, or pharmacist. Thanks for understanding.