photo_2020-05-06_00-39-24It’s simple, really. Say what you need to say to the dream in front of you, and let it figure out what to do with it. Be on your way, no turning back. If awakening another being were easy, greater men than you and me would have already awaken everyone. This is another lesson for you to learn.
In the end, if you are authentic, your desire for awakening is just your own. When you awaken, when you see, life and the world become a field of play, an infinite one. You cease being serious, you realize what all the rules and regulations of Teaching and Work are for; you may discard them or use them when conditions call for it. Perhaps you just don’t understand the real cause of it all yet. Perhaps that’s the reason why you are still attached to rules and regulations, to the concept of Teaching and Work. If this is the case, then use them, up until you realize that if you are a king, you are not bound by your own rules and regulations. You may use them when necessary, but you’re not required to. To a limited perception this sounds terrible, irresponsible, careless, unjust, I know. If you have one or more of these reactions to what has been said, there is still much work ahead of you. Because your self-awareness is not yet cleansed from the residue of your unconsciousness. There is nothing to be responsible, serious, just. There is no “one”, I might add. That which you thought you are had to go through the idea of responsibility, justice, seriousness, empathy, of rules and regulations having sense. What you have now realized is that there is no thing and no one to be any of that, to have any of that, to follow any rules.

Oh yes, you will be told how you must follow cosmic, spiritual, God’s rules and regulations. Told by the just, the serious, the responsible, those who had not yet understood that they are asleep, dreaming a dream of them, God and cosmos. They will tell you that you must take care of yourself, others, the world. To be mindful of global warming, pollution and god knows what. They will say you must pray for Mercy. Fight against mechanicalness, automatisms, habits, negative emotions. That you can’t escape karma. Oh, they will tell you a lot of things they themselves are unable to follow, don’t and won’t follow, but like to impose upon others as important. My advice is to nod, smile, tell them they are right, confirm that seriousness and responsibility are important, and be on your way. They don’t care for you. They only care for having like-minded people in their herd of concepts, herd of consensus and are afraid of someone endangering their herd, concept, consensus. Don’t ever endanger it. You will have achieved nothing, save become hated by the herd. Use them. Manipulate them. Play along. That which has value is not found in a herd. That which has no value, seeks it within a herd. Whenever you see the likes of them, one lobbying for these things, know that he doesn’t know himself, doesn’t know God or Truth. If you understand Truth, you can find it everywhere. Even among ignorance, unconsciousness, rules and regulations, false gods and holy men. But you will know that they are not of Truth, even though the Truth is in them. The game. That’s the point. The game had made the rules, regulations, various herds. The Truth is playing a game, if you want to put it that way. You can put it the other way too; that the Truth has fallen asleep, even though Truth is unable to fall asleep, but can put on a good show. So good, that for years you have been thinking that you are you, that the actor that you are is real, that the soul you think you have is real, that you are an individual who needs to fight for yourself, for Truth, for God.

But now you understand. There is no one to fight for oneself, Truth or God. Within dream, you have been fighting with demons, calling angels to your aid, crying out for God, and it was a mighty battle, each part of you at stake. Then you woke up. Got up, brushed your teeth, washed your face. And forgot all about it, for it was a dream. You were just dreaming. In the same way you dream what you call “this life”. You cry out for gods, angels, rules and regulations; you cry out for truth to help you; use rules and regulations, but – against what? Against whom? Whom or what are you fighting against? Whom are you fighting for? Understand, the whole point is the fight itself, the game of fighting. Whether it’s “for” or “against”, it doesn’t matter. But ask yourself: if the whole point is the fight itself, is the fight then real? Or are you simply trying to give meaning to yourself? If the fight is real, and you don’t want to give yourself meaning, do you know the Truth, do you know yourself? If you do know your Self, the Truth, how can the fight be real?

The fight is real only while you are sitting on two stools, serving two masters, ignorant of who and what you are, and the worst part is, you don’t know that there is neither “who” nor ”what”. There is only the Truth. Even if the Truth decides to play a game, to stage a fight, to play a part, a person, other people, to play a game of rules and regulations, teachings and delusions – all of it is being played by, acted by the Truth. Do you know this?

If you do, all is well. If you somewhat know and somewhat don’t, then you got a problem. You are still sitting on two stools and serving two masters even though both stools and both idiots are a stage in a puppet show, with a single actor pulling all the strings – The Truth, that had imagined being you. Your task is not to liberate yourself. Your task is to liberate the Truth. Seems absurd? How can you liberate something which surpasses you infinitely? How can you liberate the TRUTH? By understanding that YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN SEEKING TRUTH. IT was Truth seeking herself. Though it’s kind of silly saying that Truth seeks herself. She knows herself in each moment.
Get it?

I will tell you a secret. It’s not you who is seeking Truth, nor has it ever been you seeking it. It was Her, playing the game of seeking. Playing all the games. She had decided to awaken within this role, this actor, this show which is you. You have never been seeking yourself nor Truth. It was her doing it. It is her doing it. When Truth decides to find herself, there is nowhere you can hide. She is behind every corner. She is the one removing layers of herself, removing garments and you think you are doing it. But a part in a play, an actor cannot do this. It is the show that demands it. And who is the director, the actors, who is playing all these parts?

Would you play this part if you had a choice? Would you have accepted these limitations? Wouldn’t you have changed the part as soon as you realized you don’t like it? I believe so. But you haven’t done that. Why?

“I couldn’t do it”, you will say. But that’s just a justification to cover your feeling of impotence, to justify an illusion that you can do something, that you aren’t powerless. We all know that you can’t, that you couldn’t have, and that you will never be able to. It is Truth who removes the illusion from herself, for she had put it there in the first place. When this Truth decides to awaken, there is nothing you can do. You may protest a bit, wiggle for a while, forget, do some teaching, follow some rules and regulations, concepts and that’s it. You think it is you who had decided to seek Truth. You really think you are that important? You really think that you can come up with a thing like Truth and the idea of seeking it? Think again.

It is Her seeking herself, although this is not true. How can Truth seek herself? That would mean that she had forgotten herself, that she is ignorant of herself. Which is impossible, for if she had forgotten herself, you wouldn’t stand a chance. She had not forgotten herself. She is the one “seeking” herself through the part, the actor, the play that you, apparently, play. Can you see it? Can you understand it? When she decides to awaken you can do nothing about it. Nothing. You may philosophize about it until all philosophies wear down, which is precisely her cleansing game. You may love the body, mind, nature, up until you see the lie of it all. But it’s not you who had seen the lie, it is her who had grew tired of it. You may follow teachings, pray to God, do mantra, prostrations, bang your head upon the Wailing Wall. You may, and you do. You will soon grow tired of it. You will realize the absurdity. And you will imagine that you had realized this. “I have made progress”, you will say. “My being has developed”, you will say. “I have realized”. Oh, you will say many things that make the Truth grin.

I have told you that you are merely a part, an actor, a play. But I wasn’t completely honest. You are not it. You are what is played. You are being played. Even when you imagine you have realized, understood something. You’re just a character created by her play. Do you understand?
It is not you who has been praying to God. It was Her, playing a game in which you are a character, a role, an actor that is seemingly praying to God. It is not you who has been doing techniques, mantras, pranayamas, sitting at the feet of the guru, reading scriptures, learning and developing. It wasn’t you doing it. You were just a game she was playing. You are her product, a derivate, the consequence of her play. You still have the impression that you were doing it? It was your choice? Really? Are you that blind?
Open your eyes and look. It has never been you. Even the author of this text is not him. Nor the reader of these lines. The seeker of truth is not the seeker of truth.
Look around. You think it is you who is seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, being aware?
Look inside. You think it is you breathing, feeling, thinking, seeking, being self-aware, being the Truth?
Look across. You think that man is the one who is breathing, seeking, being conscious, praying, meditating, seeking Truth?

When the Truth decides to awaken, may all your gods have mercy on you. I’ll tell you another secret. They won’t. They can’t help you. They don’t exist, just as you don’t exist. You merely imagine existence. That’s the truth. If She had decided to awaken, feel free to pray to any god or devil in this universe, it won’t do you any good for ALL THAT IS HER. Grinning at your dream. Grinning at herself for playing her role so well. Having so much fun while you keep thinking you have a will, a choice, you are praying to a god, meditating on yourself. You never knew how to create yourself nor will you ever know it. How then, can you meditate on yourself? How can YOU meditate on SELF? How can you be AWARE OF YOURSELF?

Think again, look again.

When she decides to awaken there is nothing for you to do but enjoy the process, knowing what it is, who it is that’s awakening, who it is that’s ceasing to dream, who it is that’s leaving dream state and becoming free. The dreamer. And you are not the dreamer, you are what is being dreamt, the dream. She is the dreamer. What is dreamt is her. The dream is her. Understand this. She is awakening from her own dream of the dreamer, the dream and the dreamt. You are her dream. All of this is her dream. Can you feel it?

Now, when you know this and feel it, remember. It’s not you feeling it or knowing it. It is her who knows it. She is AWARE OF IT. She is feeling it, knowing it, thinking it, breathing, praying, seeking, her, her, her.

And you are her obstacle. But even as an obstacle, even as “you”, there is no real obstacle. She is simply still playing around and acting as if there is an obstacle.
When I ask: “do you understand”, when I say: “look and see”, when I say:“you”, I’m not talking to you. You don’t exist. The Truth is talking to Truth. My intention is not to awaken you. That’s impossible. I’m simply talking to the Truth, as Truth. It is her I am awakening. If I notice that the Truth out there had decided to sleep some more, I continue my play elsewhere; I come and go, raise my voice, pet on the back, and move on. Until the next one. Maybe, in this next dream, the Truth decided to awaken. But remember, it’s not you I am awakening. You don’t exist. And it’s not me who is awakening another, for I don’t exist. It is Truth who is awakening the Truth. That’s all. Even when it seems that the Truth in another doesn’t want to be awoken, the Truth is not bothered by it. Why? Because the Truth knows the Truth. She simply plays the game for a while longer, with different tools, with another dream. She acts.

Now, go back to the beginning of text and read it as if you were Truth talking to yourself, to Truth. Read it carefully. Very carefully, understanding each word, sentence, meaning, but as TRUTH herself. As you, you are a dream. Read it as truth talking to herself as the dream.
When you notice a SMILE on your face, that’s it! Maybe you have already noticed it. That’s the sign that you have seen through the game. You are smiling at your own game. A thief smiles when he is caught in the act. Liar too. When the game is seen through, a smile appears on the face of the Truth.

I know you are smiling. Keep smiling. That’s the Truth’s smile of recognition, that’s why you are smiling. You will forget, I know. But the seed has been planted. And when She plants her seed, whatever you do, despite all your wiggling, imagining it is you, in the end she Awakens. For when she starts awakening NO ONE and NOTHING can help the dream anymore. Only smile.