photo_2020-04-01_12-27-16If you are clear about your goal, even though your mind is not used to having a clear goal and knowing it at all times, the feeling you should get from contemplating it is one of freedom, of excitement. The Goal should be stronger than other, smaller goals, yet all of them should be contained in it, in the sense that fulfillment of your goal fulfills those other goals too.
If your goal doesn’t provide a sense of freedom, of ecstasy because of freedom, the feeling of being un-conditioned; if its accomplishment doesn’t arouse the adrenaline within the body, if it doesn’t liberate your emotions and thoughts out of the rut, the prison you are now in; if it doesn’t arouse the desire to leap toward it – that goal has no strength, force, emotion, vitality, it has no power.

When you identify with your goal, right here and now, and feel it as a real thing, as a thing desired, aimed for, clear, strong, resolved etc., it should liberate you from the present concept of self, present idea of self, from prison you are confined in and dreaming of that goal. If your consciousness, feeling of yourself, if everything within you doesn’t explode from the energy and clarity of the goal you are aspiring to, you are merely deluding yourself. Lying to yourself, as you did in all past goals.

You want to be free? You want to move about, learn, express, be awake within and within life, wake up from limitation which is only a dream you are dreaming? You want to self-improve, learn something new, fulfill yourself through something? You wish to be awake and cease dreaming limitations you are now dreaming, the person you are now dreaming and who wasn’t your choice; you wish to liberate yourself from this person and its personality which is no more than a prison you have imprisoned yourself in by believing it is you? You want to wake up from the dream, from illusion of yourself and the world, send all self-imposed limitations and those imposed by others to hell; wake up within real Knowledge of self, your real and True (Truth) nature?

If you can’t feel the burning heat, the atoms vibrating this desire and goal; the readiness to cut all ties holding you back; if you can’t feel the rebel within who will destroy all that’s holding him back no matter how emotionally “significant” it may be to the present concept of self; if you can’t feel yourself liberated as if you have just shook off all shackles – meanings, values, sense, senselessness, limitations; if you can’t feel ecstatic because of the goal, its fulfillment and purpose; a desire to leap into it and readiness to fight for it to the last breath if need be – all I can say is that it’s not much of a goal. It’s self-deception, lying to yourself, an illusion holding you in its grip and devaluing all you might desire as a goal: whether it is self-improvement (becoming better, more capable, free), becoming awake or fully awakened. The illusion has you, the forces of limitation and imprisonment are imposing their own goals and using you for their own gain, even if they’re coming from your nearest and dearest, from those you grew fond of, your partner, parents, children.

When I feel my goal, I burn and will not cease burning until it is fulfilled to the fullest. I don’t care what others think, what the gods may think, what religion and spirituality have to say, what anyone or anything says or thinks regarding my goal. I feel it in me, in my consciousness, in the cells of my body, in the blood running; all around in my wide presence; I feel it in God, in Truth; in others if they are around me; in each atom of this Cosmos and I KNOW that this is my Nature. That Nature is feeling me through this feeling of “I am” that I have. It is God feeling me, desiring that which He wants through this body, mind and consciousness.

I feel that the goal is already accomplished, and that I am already living it. Obviously, there are still parts within me that don’t feel it, parts that rebel, that wish to sleep, enjoy the dream and non-effort, and these parts can feel only fear and turmoil regarding the Goal since it means their death. Their destruction, but also liberation and growth.

This goal is the only option available, yet it contains all other options, allowing everything to be what it is, with the goal as the basis.

I sit, watch, experience the goal; I breathe the goal, live the goal, feel the goal; I am aware of the goal; my blood runs as the goal, my cells live as the goal, my atoms vibrate as the goal. (Getting the picture?)
The goal is always with me but that doesn’t mean I enjoy life, others, small desires and pleasures any less. But they are always encircled by my goal. There is no difference between me as a man, as consciousness and my goal. My Goal and I are one. All that enters through life, though living, through each process within me or in the world, is encompassed by my goal and by my awareness of the goal and me as one and the same. Since this is the only thing there is, the goal is already accomplished, the goal is already the consciousness that I am, the body that I am, the mind, each process that I am. I know that I am, and I know that the goal is accomplished; I know it as deep as I know that I exist. For existing and the goal are one and the same. I exist and the goal are one, and all that enters with awareness or the apparent nature, reflects my existence and the goal of my existence being one and the same. One without two. The Truth.

I hope you will get something out of this, something useful for the goal you are working with. The Goal you are aspiring to is Existence – Consciousness – Bliss. Being is the Goal, Knowing yourself as the Goal, Feeling through the Goal.
You can misunderstand this with ordinary understanding of words, so let me clarify.
Shift into your goal. Your Goal is simply Being, your Goal is Knowing yourself (I Know that I know, I Know that I Am Consciousness.) Your Goal is Bliss (you feel the emotion of Bliss, joy, you feel the goal – which is already Being, already Knowing that you are the goal – emotionally.)

A volume of hundreds of pages might be written about working with the goal. Some have even tried I think, but there always remains an abyss between the one writing and the one reading. Except when the one reading already knows what it’s about, in which case he doesn’t even need that book.
I can give you many clarifications about working with the goal, but if you don’t want to feel your goal, if you don’t want to be your goal right now, if you aren’t it right now, feeling it as yourself, your Conscious self; if you don’t Know it as you know that you are alive, existing, a human, it won’t do any good.
I won’t be getting into what your goals are, what you are aspiring to, these things are up to you. What I know is that the final goal is the same, or almost the same, for everyone.

Obstacles are all that has been built into you, all that you have been programmed for. In the end, I might say that you are the obstacle to your goal. You, as the concept of self that you hold, as the self-image you hold, your opinions and feelings about yourself. The whole of Work is in removing your identifications, things you are tied to, and in revealing your nature as it is: your consciousness, your un-conditioned consciousness which you already are but your self-concept prevents you from seeing. It is in removing your opinion of self, the feeling of self that you have, the ideas of self you have. You cannot attain a goal which doesn’t already exist within you as a potential, a possibility. If you can imagine, feel, sense the goal, it is already present in you. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be able to imagine it, sense it, feel it, perceive it, or know about it.

I am aware of how man approaches a goal. I can see It, feel it. And I know it to be an obstacle. For you, the Goal is a hassle, resistance preventing you from reaching it. It is a feeling of tiredness, a lack of self- confidence, a lack of confidence about the goal, feelings of powerlessness, fear and suffering. The goal is something far away and very hard to reach. It is laziness, inertia or a mere fantasy, without the feeling that the goal is what you are as a whole. Limited by your body and mind you think that you need to fight for that goal as if someone would tell you that, right now while you are preparing for a nap, tired of life, of fighting, and of yourself, you must walk a thousand miles. This is not so. This is not true. It’s your conditioning talking, your self-concept, fear, impotence, not you. The only fight you need to engage in is the fight against the laziness and inertia of mind and emotion. The body will adjust momentarily if your mind and emotion start cooperating regarding the goal, as soon as they are united in it.

Forget all that you have heard about reaching the goal, about fighting for it, about obstacles, powerlessness, the “who do you think you are to want it”; of God, demons waiting for you when you embark on it, of religion, spirituality, walking toward the goal; the failure of others, your own failure; of what dad in all his limitation built in you as a control method; of what your mom built in you out of resignation to life’s difficulties. All of it is crap. Better yet, forget all that you know, all your self-imposed limitations. It is fiction that requires rules and maintenance, the truth is something else

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain

Truth cares not for fiction, rules, regulations, meaning. It collapses them. That’s why it’s the Truth. That’s why it’s un-conditioned. Omnipresent, etc. Truth is God. Truth is Consciousness. Truth is you as Consciousness.

Send to hell everyone who is telling you differently; everyone limiting you with their god, angels, demons, teachings, religion, spirituality, laws, rules, beliefs. You are going to have to confront your fear of discarding all that. Which is great. The core of illusion will come to a face off. It is this illusion keeping you where you’re at. But what if everyone else is right? What if what they say is true?

IT’S NOT. They are lying. They want to validate their own beliefs, preconceptions, attitudes, limitations and they’re trying to put you back in their herd to prove themselves right. Which they aren’t. NOR HAVE THEY EVER BEEN RIGHT. But they lie well. What you feel as “conscience” is your “limitation” in the form of “good” making sure you don’t put anyone in danger, that you don’t hurt someone or yourself. Truth can do no wrong. Illusion can. Lie can. Limitation can. Truth can never do wrong and NEVER does. All sacred books are wrongly interpreted and presented. Their purpose never was to destroy you, limit you, close you off. This was done by those who appropriated them and proclaimed themselves their owners. Now they use the scriptures for manipulation. Not one of those books says what they tell you it does. But you are unable hear or read in there anything other than what they had programmed you to read. The god of the sacred scriptures is your consciousness. Your un-conditioned, True Consciousness. But I’m not here to interpret the sacred scriptures, that’s your job.

This life is all you have. You don’t know your past lives and can’t be sure about future ones. Both are speculations. And each speculation is a lie, un-truth. You can’t prove reincarnation. You can’t prove any of those projections – like karma, reincarnation and the like – but you CAN prove consciousness. Because you know that you are conscious, you know that you are be-ing, you know that you feel this consciousness. And this is the only true knowledge you have. All else is simply limitation, prison, a program you believe in since you were taught to, even by those who tell you they wish to liberate you, on their own terms of course.

Obviously, there are means, insights, realizations, but they serve to slowly liberate the conditioned consciousness, to slowly earn its trust and gradually, they bring more and more freedom, knowledge and being. That’s their sole purpose. The other purpose is to acquaint you with the rules and laws of the apparent, the manifested, with the ways the Apparent operates, functions. They aren’t given to imprison you but to liberate you. And they do it slowly or quickly, according to your own pace.

Every day I see people contorted in fear of what I’m telling them, and how liberated they are when they actually use what I give them. Then again, for a hundredth time, illusion and limitation take over and they are afraid once again. “Bhaerava insults God”; “Bhaerava wants us to do something we just can’t”; “Bhaerava dismisses religion and spirituality”; “Bhaerava doesn’t understand how scared we are to let go the meanings that are important to us”; “He doesn’t know how painful it is and how afraid we are to go against God and His Laws” etc. This is what I hear and see in them every day.

It’s not that I’m denying any gods or god. What I’m denying is the lie sold under this term, the limitation, the manipulation hiding behind it. I deny the gods and angels that had been created solely to manipulate, control, and to keep the God within you imprisoned. That I deny and always will. Truth is God. Consciousness is God. Un-conditionality is God. I cannot deny that which is my nature, that which is your nature because – FROM That, I am, and you Are. But I can deny what they have imposed on you as “truth”, the lie the gurus, masters-imitators have pushed on you, what the priests of religion and spirituality have sold as truth. That I can do, and that’s what I’m doing. That is the goal of my writing and working with people. You have been lied to, and you are still being lied to, you are being imprisoned. The name behind the lie is irrelevant, whether it’s a guru so and so, a paramahansa, a Christ’s servant or a Brahma’s nose wiper. They are all lying.

The ultimate PRICE of freedom is the freedom from limitation itself. That which you are is the price of freedom. Because that which you are is the obstacle to Freedom, which is your Nature, your True inheritance, your legacy. You are not fighting for attaining the Truth, you are fighting the obstacles preventing you from attaining the Truth of self, world, others, universe. Fight for the Truth doesn’t exist for the Truth always is. You cannot fight for it. You can only fight against what’s stopping you from reaching it, attaining it. Even though we say “we fight for the truth” that’s not really true, that’s a false claim, one limited by the language we use. The Truth is always here, waiting for you to free yourself from un-truth, lie, illusion of self. I am aware that sometimes you’ll have to say “I am fighting for the truth” but it’s important you understand what it means. Are you fighting to feel you’re alive? Are you fighting to feel you exist? No, you don’t. You are fighting against what keeps you from feeling what you feel naturally: that you exist, that you are alive. While expressing, you might use a phrase like “I am fighting for truth”, but words are not things. Words are obstacles. They are also freedom, if you know how to use them and are not limited by them. Remember: Realize the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

Whatever you are aspiring to as your goal is the truth of the moment for you. And it’s not in conflict with the general Truth, for it springs from it. You can’t conflict with Truth even if you wanted to. You can be imprisoned in a concept, in a representation, limitation, separation, but you can’t be against Truth. You can be closed to it, but you are always “closed” in relation to it, which is an option coming from the Truth. If such an option didn’t exist in the Truth, you wouldn’t be able to even think of it. Truth of Self is freedom, un-conditioned consciousness, un-conditioned existence, un-conditioned appearance, and if this knowledge burns within you, if the desire to feel it and know it burns in you, that’s your goal. And in this case, the Goal and Truth are one and the same. One without two. Truth and knowledge of Truth liberates you from all else. And when you’re Liberated from all else and you Know that you as consciousness, as existence – are TRUTH, then you may play as you like. You can dance tango, waltz, have businesses, relationships, play the game of limitation just for fun – which is Truth, for the Truth has said it desires so.

The Goal and Truth are one and the same. Obviously, I’m talking about the ultimate Goal, that of Final Awakening. But even if your goal is “being awake within dream and life” or “being better, improved” it is the same. The Truth within you wants this.

When you feel it, it will be like a volcano that burns all the rest. This is the emotion your goal needs to have. The volcano will quiet down and turn into calm, steady burning until it burns all which is not of Truth. Then, only the Truth will remain, Consciousness, God, Brahman which is you, your body, blood, cells, your life, others around you, universe, the beginning, and the end. There is nothing else in Truth but Truth itself.

Anything less is not the Truth. Any feeling that’s less than what I have described here, in narrow terms though, is not your goal nor can it ever be. If you feel your goal as something you “ought to do” you will have a “ought-to-do” feeling about the goal, not the real thing. God, Truth is merciful, it gives you what you feel you are, what you fell you want. That’s the secret. Dare to Be the Truth. Dare to want the limitless. Dare to Be the Limitless.
Do you have anything to lose, save illusion, limitation, fear?
As far as I can tell, YOU DONT. What you can is remain enchanted, thinking there Is something to lose. Destroy the cage of lies you have built and maintained out of ignorance and unconsciousness, still fearing its destruction and loss. If the Truth, God had wanted slaves it would have never given the option of consciousness in the first place. All they say are lies. Dare to see through these lies and take them off like old rags. They say very “truthful” things, I know. All of them are half-truths. Lie is built upon branches of half-truths. And half-truth cannot exist without Truth behind it. Lie cannot exist without Truth. But Truth Can exist without Lie.

They told you that God had created you in His image, and then they told you that you are sinful, limited, poor and that you need to please God to get back into paradise. They are lying. They have mistranslated, misinterpreted, gave wrong meanings. They told you He had created everything and breathed life to it, then they restricted you by saying you need to suffer. This is not true. They told you this to make you their servants, not servants of God, or Truth. Am I blaspheming? Hell yeah, against the false god. Against the lie they told you. And I will keep blaspheming because I know I can never blaspheme against God, Truth. Only against the lie.

I could go on and on like this. But it’s time you do your work. This is just a pep-talk to motivate you, a help while you’re deciding on your goal.

The Goal is everything. If you know how to work with it, there isn’t an obstacle you can’t surpass. An obstacle is there only because of the goal. Feel your goal every day, live with it, breathe it, experience it as intensely as possible, knowing it is already accomplished. Feeling it as already accomplished is an aid, a means, a prayer, meditation. Then, go out and “walk” with your goal. Experience everything through it. When you do that, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Because you will feel all of this as your own, as yourself. Not as mine, as someone else’s.