15c546625b9c249e9296bd83978d4335Why are we afraid of the Truth?
It hurts. Truth hurts. And that’s the truth about finding the Truth. But the Truth cannot hurt. What hurts is the loss of lies. It hurts us to lose the illusion of ourselves, of love, of God, of teachings, of others, of beliefs, of convictions, of concepts we have and the ones we still have and continue to nourish. The betrayal hurts us and what we’ve believed was true. That hurts. The Truth doesn’t hurt. Although, we can say that finding the Truth, the quest for the Truth, hurts. But we must know what is it that hurts and that surely isn’t the Truth.
To say that the Truth is Consciousness, God, Brahman, means nothing. It’s just a concept that sounds like “truth”, but it’s not the Truth. There are no concepts, no words, no teachings and there is no God in the Truth, because Truth itself is the Ultimate God. Name of God is Truth. For in the end only the Truth remains, and what remains when everything else dies and disappears is God, the Creator. And this is the Nature of everything, the Essence of everything, the Soul of soul, the Being of being.

How can we want, love and give ourselves to the Truth when it destroys everything? If it destroys everything, was that which has been destroyed the Truth? What can be destroyed, what can disappear, what was just a mirage cannot be the TRUTH. And yet, all that exists as Mirage exists in Truth.
In the end, when one realizes the Truth, when it descends into him, there is only one conclusion thousands of millennia old.

The Truth is All, but All is not the Truth. Appearance is not Truth, but Truth is in the Apparent (Phenomenal). Apparent and True are one and the Same.
Before you conclude otherwise the Apparent is not the Truth and it will never be the Truth. Complicated? Contradictory?
What is complicated is a lie, an illusion. What is contradictory is a lie, an illusion. The Truth is NEVER complicated nor contradictory. When one understands the Truth he can say that the Appearance is the Truth for it cannot exist without the Truth. There is no Samskara without Nirvana. There is no world without Consciousness. All is Consciousness, Truth, God, Absolute, Brahman. And all these are just names for Reality that describe it, but ARE NOT Reality.

The Truth is the ESSENCE OF BEING covered by lies, illusion and appearance that make the Truth seemingly complicated, seemingly contradictory.
There is no path that will lead you to the Truth. But you have to be at least a little honest. You must ask yourself do you want to replace the path of conceptual truth with the Truth? There is no way to get to the Truth, because there is no such thing as getting to the Truth. The pathway, the way and the teaching are illusory and only a preparation for those who are afraid to see and seek for the Truth and for those who are afraid to constantly hold within themselves that only the Truth about themselves, about the world, about others and about the universe matters and that everything else is a life in lies, in illusion and in a dream.

For him who seeks the Truth, the Truth is God. All that serves the Truth is His Will. There is nothing more important than Him and His Will. He is the Truth and His Will is the Truth. The Truth in relation to dream, illusion and lie.
He constantly doubts everything, because he knows that the Truth cannot be doubted. One can only doubt a lie, an illusion and a dream. There is no doubt in the Truth. Doubt is the tool of the Truth.

No one will ever be able to tell what the Truth is. One will not be able to describe the Truth, for the Truth remains at the end of the imaginary path. When all lies fall away the Truth remains. And the Truth is a bloody Truth. And that’s all. Everything is a dream and the quest for the Truth is a rejection of the Dream. And that hurts, it terrifies us, it horrifies us. Pain, fear and horror are not the Truth, they are merely means of holding us in lies and falsehood. Yes, maybe the word “un-true” is better than the world “lie”.
When you investigate the Truth in what state are you in? What is the internal taste of the Truth investigation? Where are the concepts about yourself, about others, about the world, about the teaching, about God? What is there “within you” when you seek the Truth? What kind of a state is that, if I can call it a “state”?

These are the guidelines. The very search for the Truth is the Truth that destroys everything which is not of it, which is not Itself.
All the value of life is only in that. Life has no value other than the value of discovering the Truth. All the teachings, however holy they may be, are but a shroud of the Truth, but not the Truth. When you feel hurt by the destruction of the teaching, ask yourself what is it that hurts you? The Truth or the falsehood? The Truth or the concept? The Truth or the dream you believed in?

Because Truth does not hurt. What hurts is a dream, a lie, a concept, a belief, a conviction, an illusion, for they are untruth. Only untruth hurts.
You cannot believe in Truth, you cannot hold it as a conviction, you cannot glorify it as you glorify God. You can aspire to it, you can do what it requires you to do, you can always profess it, but only and always in you, in Truth.

When you start to discover the Truth about yourself, about others, about the world, about the universe, about the teaching, Gods, lies and a dream, you will discover one thing. And that is internal fire. The truth of self-discovery awakens the fire. The fire that burns all that is not of the Truth. And you must maintain it all the time, until it burns all that is not of the Truth. And that’s fucking all. Aspire to the Truth every moment and every minute and let the inner fire, let the inner rebellion burn everything that does not belong to it.
What can you lose? You have already lost everything, you just don’t know it yet. If you have already lost everything then let the fire of Truth burn all to the end. That’s the only valuable thing, the only important thing. Nothing else has value or worth or meaning and is therefore useless.

Remember, you can’t partly seek the Truth and partly believe in the dream. You are lying to yourself. If you seek Truth it is total doubt in everything, it is the fire of doubt in everything you know, in everything you’ve heard, in what was conveyed to you, in what you were told to be true, in what you believed to be true.
Yes, everyone will deny you and that’s perfectly fine, because that’s not true. Relationship with them doesn’t exist in the Truth. There is no soul mate in quest for the Truth, because there is neither soul nor mate but the Truth. There are no other gods in quest for the Truth but the Truth itself. There are no teachings about the Truth but the Truth itself. All the teachings are lie within the Truth, the appearance within the Truth, a dream within the Truth. Only the Truth is worth the Truth. Everything else is life in death.

If you wake up in the morning and your first thought is not about the Truth then you’re not looking for it. Every moment must be the quest for the Truth accompanied by the inner fire of destruction of all that is not of It, of the Truth. Are you going to burn out? That’s quite O.K. You can die in quest for the Truth, that’s quite O.K. You’re afraid that everything you believed in will disappear, that’s quite O.K.  You’re afraid of death and disappearing, that’s quite O.K. For only the Truth about yourself, the Truth about the Truth is worth living. And only the life spent in quest for the Truth is a valuable, a well-spent life. Nothing more.