55713713_2082993635332147_4111400896280133632_nWhen a man, even for a moment, receives a glimpse of Truth and afterwards, goes back to the world, back to himself as he was before that glimpse, to himself with all the structures he had, then, he can, after some time of adjustment, see in a different way what is there to be done or made, what the Work itself speaks about and what the goal of the Work is. Maybe he didn’t understand that when he entered the Work, when everything seemed strange, difficult, incomprehensible and extreme. Maybe he didn’t understand why he must do all those exercises, why in such and such way, why everything is a struggle with the mechanical parts within him. But then, after that glimpse, he knows why and he knows how and for what reason he must awaken. A Few glimpses of Truth must happen before one understands the big picture of the Work structure itself and its usefulness as well, not because of the Truth, but because of the dream he’s in. The dream won’t disappear by the glimpse of Truth.

It will intensify even more, tighten its grip more than before. The value of laws and forces is exactly in their trying to imprison him again. This value is not seen until one “experiences” Truth, until he sees that this grip actually uncovers the laws and forces and shows him where he is still imprisoned, where the self-illusion still holds him up. Most often it is the vital mind with its beliefs, projections, fantasies, imagination, negative emotions and so on. And there is the body and the body-mind that listens to the subconscious and vital mind. It all shows him where he is “stuck”. If he makes a conflict out of it, he will produce the reaction of the body. The fact that you have sensed and experienced something as Truth has nothing to do with the layers of manifestation, with the layers of expression. Those layers are what experiences the conflict. The layers ARE the conflict at all levels. The Truth is BEYOND levels and thus, BEYOND conflict. It has nothing to do with the levels and its conflicts.

To be aware of oneself is the lowest expression of Truth.
It’s a way of coming to Awakeness. It’s discarding of the layers of lies, fantasies, negative emotions that support lies and fantasies, that support the dreaming, the beliefs and feed them with the goal of surviving and keeping the consciousness imprisoned within itself. Only then he understands, and maybe realizes, what it means to discard a lie –a fantasy, imagination, dreaming, excessive speech, internal consideration, projection and so on – for those glimpses of Truth are telling him that all this is exactly what controls him and keeps him imprisoned in the dream. If there were no glimpses of Truth then the Truth would never be recognized as Truth.

Liberation is nothing mystical as is presented by ones who are not Liberated. Liberation is factual and objective. Glimpse of Truth is not Truth Realization. But it’s a good way to show what it’s all about. The Work on oneself is not the Truth, but a good way to start a process of discarding that which is a lie. One cannot understand Truth if he doesn’t discard a lie, if he doesn’t bring a lie to awareness. To be aware of oneself is that which shows you what the Goal is and it leads to that Goal. Awareness of oneself comes from the level of Awakeness, so to say, from the level of Awaken State which is not personal, neither can it be personal. It is a STATE. Awakeness is a STATE. It is not yours, nor are you awake as a person. That is why a person cannot come to the awaken state. Awake state, as the expression of Truth, as the last dream level, doesn’t include a person nor its characteristics and thus, it’s not personal. Awareness must be brought down to a person, awareness must fill it out. You fill out the dream with the goal of discarding personal characteristics. The person is not real. It’s a “mini-absolute”, a sum of all characteristics – mechanisms, automatisms, small wills or small “I’s”, habits, drives, minds etc. –  that give total of a person, the “absolute-person”. The person doesn’t exist. When you try to find a person within you, you can’t find it for THERE IS NO PERSON. But you can act as a person because you’re identified with all its characteristics and thus, you are a person. To bring awareness to it, to bring the Work to it, means to bring in something which is NOT OF THE PERSON, NOT OF THIS WORLD. Awareness is awakening, it’s a process of awakening, it’s the awakening of the so-called kundalini shakti. A person is a DREAM. And all that a person “has” or “is” is a Dream, a dormant Kundalini Shakti. The Force within a vessel. The Force of Truth within the manifestation. The word “force” is quite misunderstood and many think that it’s energy. It’s not. Just as Shakti is not prana, nor energy, nor thought, emotion, body and not even that which we call “the life force”, for we don’t understand what is “of life” or what is “the force”. These are just words that give you the illusion of “knowledge”. The Force is not intention nor is it an impulse. The Force is a MOVING STATE (expressive, operating principle) that creates Awakeness, that maintains Awakeness as a state.

The Work has a purpose only after the experience of Truth and the Work gets to its peak in the Awake State. It is the Awake, impersonal state that gets free from the dream or is able to master the dream. The Awake State is spontaneous, fluid, movable, awake, it is the conscious I-am-ness, the knowledge that I consciously am, it is aware of existence that is conscious but still within a dream, surrounded by dream and able to change it. In this state there is still no knowledge of the non existence of “I”, no knowledge that there is no I, that there is no being or soul or some individual entity. Here the feeling of oneself becomes stronger than the dream, one feels himself detached from the dream, detached from the self-illusion – from the self-image, from an idealized “I”, from the drama which one plays, from acting, roles, masks, etc. One feels himself as existence, as beingness. And this is not an effort, that’s why we say that it’s “spontaneous”. This doesn’t mean that a man in the Awake State can’t fall asleep again. He can and he will. But he will awaken fast. By the first shock, drama and mishmash, he will see that he fell asleep and he will awaken again, he will wake up, he will bring “himself” here where the dream is, where the illusion is, where forces and laws rule and try to keep him imprisoned.

The Truth will “tell” him that there is no self, that there is no awakeness, no dream and no him who is awake. It’s all the Core, the Source, the Consciousness that has seemingly imprisoned itself and expresses itself through the layers which he got to know. And after this Truth, he will be returned to the Awake State. This State will express itself as a conscious state. He is aware that he is AS the space in which all unrolls – movie, dream, illusion, lie, manifestation, game, acting, theater; it doesn’t matter which word you use. He is aware that he is the manifestation of Truth as Atma, as individual consciousness which is the Consciousness itself. He is aware that the Consciousness has a role of individual being that “exists” as Existence, Beingness, Be-Is “manifestation”.

Then this State, this Be-Is consciousness exists within the dream, changes the dream, transforms the manifestation, expresses the awakeness, the so-called Individual Being that is the Absolute itself, the Truth itself.

The Work starts to have its purpose only when a man wakes up, when he becomes awake, so to say, although it’s impersonal and there is no man there. The Work reaches its climax when one gets to know the Awakeness as the Truth which is one and only, the Truth as Consciousness Is without any features, characteristics, meanings, values, qualities, etc. The Truth gets liberated from the man, from the dream, from the ideas of oneself, from the awakeness, unconsciousness and even from consciousness. The Truth expresses by itself as the Truth. The Teachings call this with different names, in various ways.

The Work on oneself becomes the Play with oneself. Awake being that knows the Truth plays with himself, with the world, with the expression and manifestation and he knows that all of it is not him, but the Truth that plays with itself. The Truth that dreams a dream of some man, some world, some universe. This Truth is that which Works on itself, Plays with itself.

The Truth Is, Knows and Sees as the Awake State.

Only then the Work on oneself gets to have a true purpose. Until then the Work is a torture, suffering, “do I really must?”, “why must I?” or “I want to because I will become someone and somebody”, “I will realize myself”, “as soon as I get enlightened I will be…”, etc.

The glimpse of the Truth as well as the glimpse of the Awakeness are not realizations. They are only a conscious hope that gives the light to the whole game. To Realize the Truth, to Awake Fully, to get Liberated, takes a conscious effort where you know what it’s all about. Then a man KNOWS why he Works on himself, what the Goal is, what it is about. To be That is still far away, but the course of movement is visible. Then the Work becomes the Play. One must crystallize fully the experience of it, manifest it fully, wake up completely. The Experience must completely become the State, must become the Knowledge, must become the BEINGNESS of THAT state, spontaneous, stable and objective (or subjective, depending on what kind of a dream you dream).