55713713_2082993635332147_4111400896280133632_nWe seek the meaning of life because we are afraid to see that life has no meaning. Meaning is what we want it to be, what we decide and impose on ourselves. It’s all the same. We are afraid to see life as it is, and we want to give it meaning. Meaning gives us purpose. When we have a purpose, we know why we live. We live for that purpose. Maybe the purpose of your life is in birthing children, bringing them up. Maybe not. Maybe the purpose for you is in realizing business ideas, having a successful life, money, models, business parties with orgies. Or maybe your purpose is in realizing spiritual truths, enlightenment, whatever that is. Every being around us has a purpose and it is FICTIONAL. There is no purpose of life. There is life – which is life in itself – and it is the only purpose of life. It’s perfectly fine to paint your personal meaning over the purpose of life as it is. But which meaning is that, many ask themselves. What is the meaning of my life?

You won’t find it in the temples of India, in churches or spiritual schools. Unless, of course, you put that as your meaning. You won’t find it in business ideas, partying with models, unless you put it there. Meaning is itself an illusion, a dream. “Realize your dream”, as the commercial says, telling you what meaning really is. Your dream. Which dream is it, only you know. If that dream is missing, if the idea of meaning is missing, life is its own meaning. For me, meaning is finding the Truth, realizing this Truth, living it. And then, gods be gracious, the play with the apparent. And that’s it. That doesn’t mean this is the meaning of life. It is just paint I have put over life as it is, whose purpose is life as it is.

They tell you to find your dharma, the meaning of your existence. Hm.. there is none. The meaning of existence or sacred dharma of spirituality is what you express as sacred dharma, that is, what Consciousness hidden behind you expresses as its sacred dharma. What is God’s Will for my life? It is precisely what you are living right now, what you are right now, what you are aspiring to, the meaning you have. That is God’s Will.

Don’t like it?

Change your aspiration, the meaning of life, your own meaning – that too is God’s Will, the new one.

Secretly, we want for life, God, The Ultimate Meaning to provide us with the purpose. That won’t happen, yet thats exactly what happened. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Why do we want meaning?

Simply because, through that meaning we will define ourselves. We will find ourselves, give ourselves purpose and value. And obviously, all of us want to have the highest possible meaning within what we think meaning is, within what we want to live as our meaning. When we define ourselves through our meaning then we will stick other meanings on ourselves, realize these meanings and all other meanings as expressions of us. The truth is somewhat different. We are merely living out the image of ourselves, we are realizing the image we have about the meaning of life for this image confirms our self-image. Ok, that’s meaning too, can’t argue with that.

We are in a conundrum, and if we dare to look at it, we will see the one who is creating it. Us. Our meaningless self is seeking meaning in order not to be meaningless. Clearly, the whole spiritual, religious and esoteric world wants meaning. Why? To escape meaninglessness. What is meaninglessness? It’s a veil over life, imitating life and hoping that life does have a meaning. If there were no you, with your ideas of meaning, what meaning would life have? What could be the meaning of manifestation we see as life, the meaning of the force behind that manifestation? Best case scenario, you say – life itself, however it may be.

This is precisely the meaning of life. We can put all the rest within it. We can take some colors and paint the meaning of life. Create it. Or break it down. That will also be a meaning. Truth has nothing to do with the meaning of life. Truth is precisely in life not having meaning, at least not the one you want it to have.

You can always realize your dream. Live your dream and give that dream meaning. And of course, you will be fooling yourself. But you won’t be fooling life, you won’t be fooling us for we know that meaning doesn’t exist. As Satyam Nadeen says: You think you have a purpose in life. There is no individual “me” to have a purpose. There is only Source. It does have a purpose for this appearance. You don’t get to know that purpose through a finite mind.

And here is the whole “meaningful” song:

You think you have to get enlightened.
You already are.

You think you have to follow a path to get there.
There are no paths.

You think enlightenment is a goal.
There are no goals.

You think you have to change yourself and the world to make it a better place.
There is nothing to do.

You think you can find God in India or Tibet.
There is nowhere to go. Consciousness is the same everywhere.

You think the outcome of your personal story matters.
It is all the same, regardless of how it turns out.

You think your story is real.
It is an illusion, a dream.

You think you are in control of your life.
You are but a puppet of Source.

You think you have free will and make choices.
There is only destiny in its lawful unfolding.

You think you have enemies out there.
There is only Source out there.

You think there is a magic formula to finding God.
Relax, you are already home in it.

You think everyone’s drama is a reality.
It’s all done with smoke and mirrors.

You think God wants higher consciousness on the planet.
Source is only here to play in limitation.

You think God holds you responsible.
There is no karma.

You entertain judgments – comparisons – opinions – preferences.
There is only what is -as is, exactly as it should be.

You want to be somebody important and appreciated.
Just be.

You fear death as the most tragic event of your life.
Death is the end of limitation.

You hope for a better life next time around.
There is no self to reincarnate. There is only Source as I AM.

You regret the past, worry in the present, and fear for the future.
You are infinite Source having a playful dream. Relax!

You are intrigued by complex conspiracy theories.
There is only Source amusing itself.

You think you have a purpose in life.
There is no individual “me” to have a purpose. There is only Source. It does have a purpose for this appearance. You don’t get to know that purpose through a finite mind.

By Satyam Nadeen