i34_21657263A question I got in my inbox reads: “The techniques I got don’t work, why is that? And when they do, it’s for a short time only.” The answer is simple – because that technique doesn’t have reality in you. Something else, something contrary to this technique; advice; the means you had received – has reality in you. Technique points to something you don’t have. Since you don’t have it, you are confirming to yourself that you don’t have it and that the technique is going to give it to you in a magical way – not realizing that the whole POINT of technique is you yourself. Until you are ripe the technique will remain something which is to be fulfilled in the future, because right now you are not what the technique talks about, nor do you understand what it talks about, what it points at. You affirmed that you are what you are at the moment: sad; unhappy; depressed; regretting that you are unable to be different than what you are; powerless; filled with fear and panic that are blocking you from feeling safe, fulfilled etc. (as we had concluded in a previous conversation.) – and you don’t believe that by the VERY ACT OF SEEING what you are, you CAN change what you are at the moment. Rather, you accept the current self as a fact, as something real while the technique remains an imaginary thing whose fulfillment lies somewhere in the future.

Others around you make you feel exactly as you feel inside, for they mirror your internal reality, a reality which you accept as yourself – not realizing that as soon as you see your internal reality you are no longer that reality. Owing to this, you acquire the ability to create; manifest; the ability to be different from what you believe yourself to be, different from what you confirm to be by your own life.
The person of your traits, your personality, is unable to become anything other than what you are witnessing; than what you are affirming by your own life; than what is confirmed by others (the world) – and you don’t believe (you don’t do Work on yourself in line with your goal) that it is possible to be anything else than what you are now. In the moments when you are doing it the technique provides you with a sense that it is really so. Yet, a deeper feeling of you tells you that it’s the technique, that it’s something you are yearning to be because you are not it. That feeling prevents the technique from sowing the seed of change; prevents the seed from sprouting and from bearing the fruit of what the technique talks about.

You fall between two stools. You are a man of two worlds. One stool, or one world, is your materiality in which you affirm yourself by the senses; the mind; the others, and the other world, or stool, is that which is not of this world but belongs to Spirit; Consciousness; Being. You don’t know and you don’t believe that the Spirit, what your Being is, is already manifested here, but also – that it can manifest (as) something else – provided YOU get out of the way of this Being, Spirit. Provided you finally proclaim that you are what this BEING IS, that you are “a child of the other world”. You don’t trust the technique, advice. You trust this world; of senses, matter, sensual evidence, without even verifying what this world of rationality; matter; sensual evidence actually is.

To BELIEVE (To HAVE FAITH) means to ACT according to FAITH. But you had heard an explanation of “faith” coming from the organized religion, a blind man leading the blind, and you “have faith” or act according to an imposed explanation of it. Whatever you do; a prayer, meditation, certain technique – won’t work, for you had already TOLD REALITY WHAT YOU ARE: You are a limited person to whom the world of senses tells what she is; to whom others tell and confirm what she is, and you don’t believe in (you’re not working in line with) that which comes from the Higher; from Spirit; from Being.

Therefore, the techniques you do don’t give result. They are given to the wrong person. When I told you that you are the wrong person, you accepted it with precisely this wrong person. I didn’t say that YOU were WRONG. I said that “you” are the wrong person. You didn’t hear me in the beginning either, when I had told you the foundation, the basis of the whole change. For, if you had heard me you would have known that by you I mean CONSCIOUSNESS that is witnessing a person, but is identified with this person. That’s why I said that you are the WRONG PERSON. I Am (identified with the) wrong person (wrong process; wrong belief about myself; wrong self- image) – and that’s why the technique can’t give result: the person you are identified with can be nothing other than what she is right now. But, that which is identified; that which is alive; the feeling of existence within you – can be manifested in line with what IT wants (to be manifested).

When you’re doing the technique it is the wrong person who’s doing it: the one suffering, afraid, torn between two worlds, sad, filled with pain, powerlessness. It is precisely this person for whom the technique can’t work because it a projection of hers. I have told you all of this but you WONT HEAR ME because you DON’T EXIST – a projection of a person is the one doing the listening according to what she believes (Be-lives and confirms by herself and the world.) If you had really heard me a few sentences would have been enough. In this way, it is the person who is hearing me and the person is unable to be anything other than what she is – which is being confirmed to her with the very technique she is doing. This is the core of the problem.

If you meditate already, on something that is a manifestation of your Being, then for the love of god, let that Being live. You don’t let it live for you don’t believe (don’t act) in line with the technique you’re doing, you don’t believe in it – you believe in the one who is made of this world and who will eventually perish with it. That is your problem. That is the problem of all pseudo-spiritual people: supposedly working on themselves yet waiting for the Absolute to do all the work for them, and without them ever leaving their current point of perception. You cannot succeed for you DON’T UNDERSTAND what we’re telling you; you’re quick to nod in agreement, “like it”, but without really doing any of it because you DON’T EVEN WANT to change the current position in yourself. That is the problem.