image3I was sitting and observing what they call the Mark of the Beast, listening to the words of scared people on my left that were speaking about the Mark of the Beast, globalization, debt slavery, about downfall of the world as we know it. I was listening what they were talking about and watching them while they were using their cell phones, digging in the bags of the greatest and most expensive fashion designers. The fear from getting chipped as well as the obsession with the outside world, gave an ironic tone to my voice whenever I spoke about that with someone. It’s funny how much we fear what close or far future brings while being contented and obsessed with the movies about Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves and all those mythological creatures who are in fashion again, who sneaked out of their secret holes from the underworld of human psyche and, in tune with the rhythm, occupied the Mirage world again.

I believe you know what biorhythm looks like and the principle on which it works. I believe you know that, because I think we’re not much different and in the end we all take a peek at something called the Beyond or Secretive that surrounds us through all aspects of our lives. Luckily, but with great luck, most people don’t even know the origin of a number of things they evaluate today, starting from Art, Music, Theatrics and similarly, to the whole Civilization we know to a lesser or greater extent.

Within this whole Civilization all sorts of miracles hide. But, most don’t witness them, most don’t even notice them, nor do they know the origin of what is rooted in the man’s mind today, in the world around him. Every syllable, every word is a miracle for itself. Every sound is a part of the Syllable and thus a part of the Form which has a color. Hence this much multicolor, this much formation (form), this much resonance. Everything is filled with everything and everything permeates everything.

What are we burdened with today? With the Mark of the Beast, with some dragon over there, maybe also with a two-legged reptile, whomever. It’s all the same, just differently named. These are all our fears, but also something far deeper than that, something far more dangerous than that.
And as I was observing the busy people running as always without noticing anything around them, I was thinking about the Beast and his game. To make things clear, maybe the Beast is a female, maybe it’s a male, who knows. In the age of modern technology and within the mind of a false mysticism, everything is possible. The Beast could change its sex and become a Female Beast or, perhaps, the same Female Beast could have changed her sex at some cheap Thai surgeon and installed a Vajra (a male genital organ, symbolically said) between her legs – everything is possible.

Male or Female Beast – it’s all one and the same – It’s All One.

image2The sun was burning on a June afternoon while the scent of lime in the bloom was filling the space in which the clouds of thought, emotion, fantasy and fear were hitting at each other.

The noise was getting louder on the left side of the table I was sitting at while drinking coffee and juice. Argumentation, denial, accusation, fears of getting chipped were becoming louder and louder. The smell of rolled tobacco stung my nostrils. I breathed in the intoxicating smoke and keep it in my lungs for a long time. One must die from something, right? It’s all one and the same (it’s all one) from what and when he will die. The coffin already knows my body, so why worry about it?

I was recalling a thought from a few years ago when this topic appeared in public. Various video evidence everywhere, upcoming protests against microchipping people, laws about animal microchipping brought in out of so-called animal care. Ridiculous. Only a blind man would not see the game behind it. Worrying about animals as they kill them daily?! Thousands and hundreds of thousands animals killed in slaughterhouses, asylums, shelters, by inspections and euthanasia.
And I remembered the conversation between me and a Man. I remembered the moment when we watched how a certain group of law people were taking “care” of the abandoned animals:
“Remember, my friend, the way you treat the lower life, so the higher life treats you!”
Those words were engraved in my mind.

And then I remembered new drugs that appeared. Ones that make zombies out of people, others that turn them into the walking dead, all precisely according to the mythology, to what is hidden, to that secretive we don’t want to look at and face the prehistoric images deeply implanted in us and in our minds.

I smiled at the Lord, the Beast, and raised the glass in his name: “May your glory last forever!” – I said quietly within me. I’m not some fan of the Beast or auntie the Beastess, it’s all one (and the same). But I know when to appreciate the game and when to honor the player, whether we like it or not.
I knew, while I was watching a busy policeman running after a granny to write her a penalty for jaywalking, that this Game is perfect, that the Player is perfect and that those who are being Played are perfect too. In short – everything is perfect.
I frowned in the moment when I got hit by a sun beam reflected from the windshield of a car passing in front of the cafe. And just when I blinked, one or two times, I heard a bang.

The noise stops, the Beast disappears and the granny slides down the hood of a car in front of a dumbstruck policeman.
There were mum and silence, even in people’s minds.
Wonderful. Finally, the thoughts of others stopped disturbing me. They stopped disturbing the flow that I was feeling.

Ah yes, the Beast came in his majestic robe. There was all in one in front of us. And the Sun was still burning without having a clue of human dreads.
My lips carved a sour smile. I almost shouted: “Charge her now, she can’t run!”, but I refrained myself at the last moment.

What were we talking about? Ah, the Fear of the Beast. Stigmatized people, microchips under the skin, no money, paying with chips under our skin and everyone knows what we have in our property, while a small group of people controls all of humanity.
Hmm. It’s not bad at all. Why not?
I mean, what’s so wrong with that? If you know, please tell me. I just don’t see anything bad in that, and I really have tried to know and distinguish the good from the bad and to make a boundary between them. In the end, I only saw the constant change of good and bad in one single moment, eternally and without cessation.
You get a small chip implanted, only a few nanometers small and everything is OK. You don’t need a passport, you don’t need a wallet, you don’t need an ID card – you’re a free man. You’re not afraid of getting robbed, you don’t have to dig in the bag of a broken granny to find out her name and address and report her relatives about her unlucky fate. You just read off the chip. And you find out everything. Now, what’s wrong with that?

Man has been bowing down to the Beast and using his products for long since. Why, then, is a small chip under the skin a problem?
I wanted to put this in verse, but I remembered how a man-ape would see it, so I left it like this. Let it be. Who is given to understand will understand, because it’s all one and the same.
I turned on the phone to send a message and smiled to the Beast and his product. I looked at the coffee and smiled to the Beast. I rolled the tobacco and smiled to the Beast. I winked to a blonde next to me who was scared if the Beast might control her and I smiled to the Beast. We have been sealed with the Mark of the Beast long since. This microchip accessory is just a benefit, but also turning the spotlight from a much worse problem.
With a Mark that we unconsciously accepted, and we accept everything unconsciously, we were long since prescribed to stay on this small blue planet that will soon turn red.
The Beast’s Net that got us caught in is worse than his Mark. We can avoid the Mark, but not the Net.

Yet, that’s not all. “Buy one get two” – remember those ads? Everything is being said to you, every step is being thoughtfully announced to you, but how can the Blind man recognize the game of something that he came from?
The Beast is the creator of man and thus, his Lord – I smiled to the Lord.
What defines me as a human is the Beast himself. Inserted meanly, he captivated what I AM by way of an animal body and its needs and the bestial Mind and its games.
I told you, microchip is not the issue. That’s the least problem. The problem is this – what you are, what makes you human, is the Beast himself. Then, why trouble about some small and insignificant chip?

Fuss and crowd calmed down on the hot asphalt in front of me. The beasts returned to share their impressions. I was listening carefully, wondering if anyone had discovered my perfect plan. The fear went away. I realized that no one understood a thing. What is it that separates them from understanding? Only a small world “not”. To understand and not to understand. Funny. One is presence, the other is absence.

But, as I said, the Beast is not the problem. He is only a good Manager. He offered something fine and juicy and man swallowed it. Now man complains about what he is while exploiting and living just what he had swallowed.

It’s not my fault that you didn’t realize this in time.

Chip or no chip, what’s the difference? Only a word (“no”) makes the difference and nothing more. But, I just remembered, you don’t even understand the words.

The cleaners were washing away the color of a Biological Machine from the street, but they couldn’t wash away the color of a Psychological Machine that the Beast gave us. You cannot wash it, you can only wipe… (it almost slipped my tongue).
Yes, I believe you already understood that. There is no exit from this. Everything you come up with is already in the Mind of the Beast. You cannot think of anything that doesn’t come from the Beast, because the Machine functions only in this way. To think of something, it already has to be in the Beast’s Mind. Therefore, can you think, hear or read anything that’s not in his Mind.
Believe me, the chip is not the problem. They just want you to think it is. Just to draw your attention away.
The Mark of the Beast is not the problem. You already are zombies, you already are vampires, you already are the peeled off skeletons. Why worry? Just indulge in oblivion and let it cover you with its robe and disappear in it completely.
I don’t see a problem here.
You will get everything you’ve ever dreamed of, because everything you imagine in your mind awaits for you after your death. Everyone dies in their fantasies. The Beast has nothing to do with it. Except for making it all possible. Nothing more.
Then, why do you still worry about the chip?

“The way you treat the lower life, so the higher life treats you!”

The law is clear. Towards something that is “lower” than you, you can’t behave as if it’s nothing, as if it’s meaningless. We cannot treat the life around us as if we were its Masters, as if we were its Lords, since we’re not it’s Master. Then, why is it a problem if someone treats us as a human chicken-farm?
It’s normal to mark our cattle. Now the Lord only wants to mark the Cattle who imagines to be the Lord. Not a big deal. Then, why are you afraid?
His Mark had been put on humanity long ago. Remember this when you look at the food you’re buying, when you’re buying a new cell phone, a plasma TV, a car, a perfume… when a hottie catches your eye, when you throw a glance at someone’s wallet. Remember this when you turn on the TV and identify yourself excitingly with the main actor of some soap opera. Remember this when you judge someone, when you give your opinions about someone. Remember this when you indulge in imagination, excluding yourself from the life that flourishes around you. Remember this when you think you’re someone important or someone worthless. Yet, you don’t even have to remember it, for it’s all one (and the same).
You can just turn around and look at the world you’re in, all that it offers – nothing more. Just look. Turn on your facebook, turn on a TV, turn on a mobile game, turn on the music so that you can forget – nothing more.
And smile to the Lord.

Feel free to tell him: “May your glory last forever!” and smile, because this is NOT a candid camera.
Honor him for the madness you believe in and maintain, for the madness that you aim to.

You think that God is one who created all this?
Well, I wouldn’t say so. God has nothing to do with human folly. Least of all can something so perfect create such madness. But, the True Lord of the Mankind can. He needed the slaves.

I sipped my coffee and ordered a new one. The subject continues to be the Mark of the Beast.

I looked at the Beast’s eyes and gave him a wink.

Cheers to you!

I rolled my tobacco and breathed in the intoxicating smoke.

Every breath I take feeds the Beast inside of me. Every breath that I breathe out feeds the Beast outside of me. I don’t even know anymore who feeds on whom, do I feed with him or he feeds with me. But, it doesn’t matter. It’s all one and the same.
Then, why worry about a small chip underneath the skin, when the skin covers something much worse.

There is a way out, but it goes through the Abbys of the Beast. The way out is stripping off everything until there is NOTHING left of the one that was stripping off. Then you confront with the original face of the Beast – you see yourself in the mirror.
Smile at him, give him a wink and say: “May your glory last forever!”, because that’s your true Lord.

Then, why worry about a small chip under the rotten skin when there are much worse Beasts living underneath it?