5f0c0574841763cf772f168f292152e6Within what we call spiritual we have an opportunity to see – if we have critical awareness – different attitudes, beliefs, concepts, ideas that revolve around us in that which we call spiritual, religious or esoteric concept (which we confuse with the path, the pathway, the teaching). They may seem logical, we may like or even dislike them, some we tested and proven for ourselves, but there are those that we accept because we don’t know how to think, how to feel or how to question certain concepts and teachings that we take because specific parts in us agree with them, because they correspond to the conditioning of our mind that we have declared conscious, awake, critical, upright, righteous, etc. Many ideas and concepts that circulate the spiritual world and market (esoteric, religious) have certain logic (although spiritual world and market hate reason and logic the most without understanding that it is a way to shut down their critical mind and to be sold just about anything as spiritual), while the majority cannot justify this logic. When I say logic I do not mean clear, pure, direct critical consciousness that knows the laws, facts, hierarchy of spiritual truths and mastery nor consciousness that knows stages or levels under which specific law, principle, truth and knowledge have its own value, possibility, potential. What I mean is ordinary daily logic by which intellect would justify its existence and its level of development and do the job for which it is made for, instead of thinking of these ideas and beliefs in a vital way, as he likes, as it suits him, throwing them away if he does not like them or if they cannot fit in his life concept and his own self-image.

We can see different conflicts, so to say, although for a proper conflict (discussion) the developed minds are required, minds that are not under the influence of vital, where one presents his own attitude, quite unfounded attitude (without foundation or verification or knowledge that could stand as a pillar and support an attitude or a discussion), about some spiritual idea or concept, throwing it away or approving it, not understanding what one is behind this attitude, not knowing oneself, not knowing how the minds are built (how they function) and not knowing the processes which exist in these minds and in this “self”. This happens with all the ideas in spiritual teachings that are nowadays available in public whilst their availability has a few motives and goals which are not at all useful, nor are they given for the sake of someone’s progress.
But this prelude is actually an introduction to the idea and concept of “positive and negative attitude” or “positive and negative emotions (ideas, concepts, teachings)”.
People – here I mean all people who are unconscious, mechanical, men 1, 2, 3, and even 4 in some cases – with different opinions and attitudes support different ideas that come to them, ideas about positive or negative attitudes and emotions and while working with these ideas, according to specific goals they want to reach, they do not understand the very idea, for this understanding (deeper and more correct interpretation of these ideas and concepts) was not given publically, nor were ideas explained, nor was it explained why they exist, what are their goals, what kind of man is needed for them, what kind of consciousness, which quality and level of a being and so on. With our personal liking and disliking we have the need to protect our personality and all its limitations while forces and laws that stand behind that give us an impression that it is us, that we want that, that we must protect our opinion, our attitude, our idea and especially our beliefs, for they have a vital basis – a foundation in vital that was not brought to awareness, in its liking and disliking. Mere liking and disliking cannot estimate value and potential of a certain idea, nor can they interfere in clear and precise inner evolution, but spiritual business and its demands which create the very supply, offers just about anything in the market without any logic, not to mention critical mind or reason. Of course, the very idea of a critical mind has already been destroyed at the beginning in most pseudo-teachings, for they do not need a mind which can think, which knows how to think, which is wholesome and, according to that, the idea of reason, logic and critic was systematically destroyed at their very start.
Without knowing oneself, a structure that constitutes this “self”, the minds and their functions, forces and laws in and around us, without the insight into what man is in his structure behind so-called conscious mind, without knowing his subconscious, the whole of laws and forces around us and the way they work, none of the spiritual ideas has a foundation, something which one can rely on and thus cannot bring to some deeper or foundational change of the one using it. This is a wonderful fallacy in the world of a dream by which each one of us is limited and conditioned, even an awakened person, awake person, conscious person. Becoming fully awake does not destroy the dream, just as awakening and consciousness don’t do it either – it is a wonderful illusion of the ones who do not know anything about it. They don’t destroy anything. No matter how much you are awakened it doesn’t mean that you are outside of a dream or out of the action of mahamaya, a force that regulates and holds foundations of the whole manifested universe. That kind of man (the awakened one) is not under the action of this force, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work around him or tries to pull him into the old game again, but he can see it, not identify with it, and avoid its action and conditionings. But the question is – WHAT INSIDE OF HIM or WHO can avoid it? It is not him as a person, as the mind, as the mechanical nature.
We have two teams, even the third one which I will not count at this moment, which confront about different ideas of the teaching. One team, according to the idea of positive and negative, advocates an idea of positive thinking and feeling, while another one advocates the craziness of positive thinking, an impossibility of changing anything in any substantial measure, saying that it will make life worse than it is. Both teams of unconscious people, without foundations and knowledge, without knowing themselves and others, the world and the forces around us, think that they are right and that the other ones are wrong, that they are not “enlightened” as them. These teams have camps and herds of the like-minded and share their dreams with them without noticing that they are both right and wrong at the same time. It is like this because they do not know the ideas that they apply, neither do they know the one who applies these ideas, nor the purpose and the goals of these ideas, nor the motives and directions of the ideas they get and allegedly use. What determines their attitude towards certain idea is deeply unconscious and it is what they are. In this unconscious which they are, the game of different impressions, programs, filters and subconscious determines their attitude towards certain ideas and concepts of the teaching. And it is first step which determines what will they achieve, will they be against or will they accept this idea. But, the essential thing is – none of them will benefit from these ideas of the teaching. Only those that I have mentioned will benefit, the third ones, provided they understand both themselves and the ideas which they receive.

Positive attitude will be chosen by the ones who are optimistic, who see the world as beautiful, desired and creative place of potential, who have bright spirit, thoughts and emotions – it is clear that such attitude is as conditioned as the opposite one. Negative attitude toward something and so-called aspiration to the objective view of the world, people, laws and structures will have those who are passive, negative, pessimistic, cynic, etc. – of course this too is conditioned and these people are identified with something which they consider to be “themselves” and consequently they are in the power of the same laws as the ones with so-called positive characteristics. Then, both of these teams as well as the whole sheepfold in which the flock is located, aspires to find evidence for their “liking-disliking” claims with the aim of self-maintenance, self-confirmation, self-protection, but they neither they see it, nor understand, nor do they intend to see, hear and understand. The third ones, who often belong to the third circle, also have their own sheepfold, a little smaller than the previous two, a little more intelligent, more capable. It would be stupid to say that they are free from the sheepfold and flock. But, unlike the first two flocks or teams, the third one has a possibility to apply the ideas that come to them.
Each team is conditioned and that which is conditioned they call them, they condition themselves gladly for it is their image of idealized self or I which they are and thus, all the mechanisms of biological world – physical, vital and subconscious – strive to ensure the extension and preservation of the species by any means. The polarity of biological world affects the thinking, so-called emotions, physical needs and habits, instinctive defense or creation of the world that will support reproduction of the group of cells or its destruction according to the manifestation of duality and polarity. Aspiration of bios, of life is a desire for reproduction or immortality, and it is based on two polarities within each life, polarities which regulate all the aspects of the life by identifying it (life) with them (these aspects) with the help of the forces which act on man and around man and which create him. If a cell aspires to manifestation, to extension and maintenance of life, it chooses a creative way, a positive way, a vision which extends and enables its reproduction or reproduction of a group of cells. If a cells aspires after immortality it aspires to destruction, degradation of cellular world and shifting the structure of these cells to the level of immortality, beyond time and space. Thereby, supporting either of this two decisions, it is the cells and forces that create man’s aspirations, his personality within the body, his bodily processes, vital and subconscious desires and thus, the mode of spirituality, i.e. whether it will be affirmative or negational, disabling the third one, for it is destructive to the cells on this level. In that case they would have to go through transformation of the third order – destroy and build everything again on different foundations that usually do not belong to this world; those forces and their action belong to another order of the worlds which is usually higher than this world. Interference of the higher level does not suit the forces and laws of this world that regulate working of the cells and polarities, i.e. duality of THIS LEVEL which is different than the higher levels, but is based on the same law and the same forces, but with a more subtle vibrational level. However, forces and laws of this world will allow the interference of the higher levels as long as they do not interfere into hierarchy of the world which they regulate. This is allowed in the beginning, but in the end it is no longer acceptable and the conflicts of different vibrations and worlds arise. All this exists in every being around us. And it regulates levels, sub-levels, minds, processes, interests, aspirations, etc. For bios or life each combination must have its appropriate sub-combination or level in which it will be placed. In this way it (bios, life) regulates man’s manifestation and harmonizes his higher aspects with the lower ones, with the primary bios or life having primacy above all others. It also regulates that which we call spirituality, religion, esoteric and in this way they are not beyond general bios (biology) of this planet, solar system, etc. Bios realizes that cells aspire towards immortality and analyzes this as aspiration towards death, destruction and applies it the meaning that cells aim for death or something higher than this where he is (bios) the principal one and thereby, it directs it (this aim) by actions of the law and the forces towards that which we call religious, spiritual and esoteric, giving it a character of post-mortem syndrome or conflict. Post-mortem conflict aims at finding higher purpose outside this earthly purpose in which it is powerless, without strength and possibility to find a solution and thereby, it chooses an appropriate spiritual category, so to say, through which he will further direct the development of cells and trick them in this way, pull them in a deeper illusion by which he will transform their desire for destruction into something which suits extension of the species, reproduction of the cells and further transmission of knowledge, possibilities and potential.
Post-mortem syndrome develops in two directions – negational (female polarity) or affirmative (male polarity) and thereby, it develops post-mortem depression or mania which rely on two polarities according to duality of a certain level of manifestation. Manic PM (post-mortem) aims at manifestation, creating, merging and bringing something into this which exists, etc. Such type of spirituality is in accordance with this. Depressive PM aims at negation, passivity, rejection, sadness, depression and thereby, it creates spirituality according to that. Manic is positive thinking, creating, producing, expressing. Depressive is negation, negative thinking which is often called objective, withdrawing inside oneself (what is being defined as consciousness), rejection of desires, rejection of positive as well and in the end rejection of negative, good and bad, etc. All this is a simple pathology and therefore a pathological spirituality. It is a disease which is spiritual and its aim is to preserve and to continue manifestation of the cell and thereby, of the mind, processes and so on. These people, with such disorders, argue whether an idea or a concept of positive is right or a concept of negative, negational or that which they like to call objective is right, just as optimist and pessimist argue about whether the glass is half empty or half full and pessimists try to justify their attitude with a fact or an objective opinion.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking positively or negatively, you are being used, in a prison, under fantasy, lying and action of the forces that exploit you. You can say that the positive is needed for construction, so-called love, manifestation, creating or you can claim that it’s not objective, that it is wrong (just as Osho himself claims in his attitude about positive and negative, which is a form of his mind pathology): “The philosophy of positive thinking means being untruthful; it means being dishonest. It means seeing a certain thing and yet denying what you have seen; it means deceiving yourself and others. And it appeals particularly to mediocre minds.
… Dale Carnegie started this whole school of positive philosophy, positive thinking: Don’t see the negative part, don’t see the darker side. But by your not seeing it, do you think it disappears? You are just befooling yourself. You cannot change reality. The night will still be there; you can think that it is daytime for twenty-four hours, but by your thinking it, it is not going to be light twenty-four hours a day.
The negative is as much part of life as the positive. They balance each other.”

When spiritual somnambulists take this quote everyone sees what suits his pathology, his post-mortem conflict, polarity that emerged through the biology conflict and according to dominant or primal body interprets the ideas which he doesn’t understand. Even Osho himself didn’t understand this and he interpreted it by his own basic polarity and internal conflict of that polarity, i.e. by pathology of the mind and his spirituality. The delusion about the awaken ones which they have about themselves or which others have about it without knowing what that is, puts us deeper into misunderstanding of the situation and therefore into illusion and dream or into deeper pathology of spirituality (religion, esoteric).
I said that the “third” have an opportunity to understand, but it doesn’t mean they will understand right away what it is about, unless someone who understands this brings it closer to them, prepares their mind, gives them the necessary preparatory knowledge, directs them towards right understanding which transforms spiritual and mind pathology into something beyond or above that or into something third, into balance.

There are time and space as well as a part within us that is limited by the inner time and space, by the level of being, by consciousness, etc. when one of the two is being given, when another is being added, when a synthesis of these two is being made in order to get that “third”, when it has an objective use and change of man, his consciousness, action to an outer world, etc. And it belongs to high stage of man. From man no. 5 – man with true I, awake man, to man no. 7 – liberated man. Below these people this knowledge cannot be understood and therefore, applied. A man underneath this level must be prepared through negational and affirmative teaching, brought to the knowledge of nature, brought to awake state, stabile state when he uses both (negational and affirmative), for he understands both. I don’t want and it is not yet time to clarify publicly ways to use this nor what does it mean precisely (positive or affirmative in relation to negative or negational teaching, and therefore, ideas and concepts) nor when it is being used, with what purpose, which motive, for what kind of pathology or psychology of man, for which level of being, etc. This requires people who are dedicated, clear, focused, ready for insights about themselves, ones who know themselves, etc. Everyone else only destroys this knowledge and thus, it is not being given with explanation and real meanings, although it is present publicly. But, this is precisely the way to preserve this knowledge for mature people.

To be positive in negative aspect is craziness, just as it is craziness to be negative in positive aspect. All this can be done if consciousness had reached understanding, if it had changed, if the point of perception had changed, if understanding of the nature, of man’s essence, universe, of that which you call “god”, etc. had changed. Without it this is idle gossip and quarrel between two camps without understanding and possibility for change, whichever attitude you had and however you use it. It is simple pathology, mahamaya, force of illusion that uses you, etc. But this should be understood as well. Evolution tends to a whole man, not to divided monkey or two-legged animal. But, the evolution itself benefits from everyone, from both awaken and non-awaken, from both asleep and awake, from both monkey and man, etc. Positive and negative has nothing to do with this, but more with affirmative and negational and when you comprehend it there will be a possibility for understanding certain ideas of spirituality and therefore, understanding of the inner evolution.