ea7fd450c462c5121383c3e5ba1abe3cMan yearns for spirituality as much as he is capable and willing to hear himself, the one who leads him and the Teaching that addresses him. We cannot speak of spirituality before we hear ourselves, the teaching, a Master. Addressing to an imaginary god, to the spiritual forces of imagination is the same as talking with an imaginary self. For Spirituality we are imaginary, non-existent, invisible, but not in the sense as the Teachings speak of imaginary and imagination (awareness of oneself) within us. When Spirituality speaks of the Invisible in man, it speaks of his consciousness, his personality foundation, processes, and life. But, the Invisible must be born. The birth happens from Above. Being born from Above is an act of initiation, an act of baptism, an act of appearance of the Invisible within us. This act is an Understanding what we are, who we are, what we are made of and, most importantly, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Most people say that they want to be spiritual, generally speaking, that they want to open up to the Higher, to be filled with Divine. Few of them know that it is all idle chatter without any Purpose, without any Meaning. Purpose and Meaning are God and God is not some imaginary guy in the sky whom you contact when you need something, on Sundays in the church or in a fifteen minute meditation. When Esoteric (Spiritual) speaks of God it speaks of the Nature of the Universe, the Meaning, the Purpose, the Goal. And everything which speaks of God is located within Man. If you strive for Divine (Higher) without being internally open towards the Teaching, towards Master, towards Work upon yourself, then you are simply lying and this lie is keeping you conditioned and closed in your imaginary world, imaginary life. Although Imagination has two ends, here I am talking about the negative imagination, the one that happens to you and whose source isn’t you. The other type of Imagination comes from THE AWARENESS OF SELF and ONE’S OWN NATURE and from creating the manifestation from this state. When I say that imagination happens to you I say that you are a fantasy – self-image, thoughts and emotions without a master, beliefs that are rooted in you but are not yours, concepts, ideas that you say are yours while, actually, there is no you.

In your imagination there is no one but an imaginary you – it is what we call the Dead, the Corpse, the Machine. It is neither open, nor sincere, nor capable of development and growth, nor can it be spiritual, but it can imitate spirituality in an imaginary way. This is the spirituality around you whose part you are. Spirituality is not special, it is not an incense stick, a mantra, a repetition of prayers to an imaginary god. It is neither following the rules that you do not know and cannot interpret, nor is it your wonderful spiritual name, nor being a member of some secret “spiritual” organization, some secret “spiritual” line, nor is it being initiated or baptized, nor is it a repetition of the words from the Scriptures or the Teaching’s scripts while your basic Emotion is gone skiing or on a summer vacation. Spirituality is the beginning of Arousing, of Waking up from the Dream in which you dream yourself and the world. It is not an imaginary “flow” with life. It is not a flow in a sleep in which you project your sentimental dreams, infantile expectations and obsession you call “love” and even try to confirm it by quoting that “god is love” while in reality you have no idea what you have babbled.

When you hear the words of the Teaching superficially, when you don’t hear the Master, when you don’t hear your deepest emotions, then you hear neither God, nor Reality, nor Sense, nor Purpose. You ask (me or somebody else) how to accomplish something, how to become one, how to raise your awareness, but these things mean nothing to the person who is being asked. He knows that you do not hear. To Hear is to be EMOTIONALLY OPEN, to surrender, to be vulnerable towards the Inner. And the Inner is God. And God is the Reality of every creature in this Universe. Your word God is dead. Those who gave it to you are dead manipulators. You are dead. You as a personality, as an imaginary person who imagines having aspirations, sense, purpose, path.

When you are closed-off for communication in the Teaching, for communicating to a Master, to a friend on the Path, you are closed-off for communicating to the Core of the Universe so that whatever you say, while required to open up to this Core, is just a hypnotic lie, a buffer by which you protect this deadness underneath your skin.