Kundalini Serpent„The Primordial (Matrkashakti) Force (mother of the world) is composed of Three Gunas in the endless stream of triangular shapes” – we can call them the Three Forces that play a role in creation of the world, of the universe that we know, but also of that part which escapes our sensory and cognitive organs. Three Gunas constantly change positions within the World in which they initially operate. Each Guna can take the position of some other Guna and take over its attribute in various points of manifestation. Such taking over of attributes usually results in degradative or evolutive aspect of manifestation or, in other words, in increasing or decreasing the density of energy. In her initial stage, or further manifestation, Prakrti takes over the aspect of Shivanii or Kaoshikii and her witnessing entity is called Paramashiva. Creation happens at the moment when Forces or Gunas begin to stir inside of Unmanifested reality and lose their original attribute of equilibrium. Each of the Forces can take over the original manifestation of the universe. Although the Teaching doesn’t speak of that in a manner known to man, that part is connected with the possibility that each Force contains the other two forces as a reflection. The first cycle of creation begins with Shivanii and is considered to be the initial stage of creation. The problem of understanding Cosmology is the problem of the very nature of Mind’s functioning. The Mind functions linearly and therefore every understanding within the mind begins with a linear process. This is the way it experiences and tries to interpret Cosmology. It was said many times that manifestation cannot be Understood with linearity of the Mind. Man, when hearing something like this, imagines that the mind can’t understand Cosmology. And any possibility of understanding ends there. To Understand Cosmology means to create a three-dimensional and in the end a four-dimensional space within the Mind and to see it, to see its character in a simultaneous way or in a momentary fashion.

When it is said that in the first cycle of manifestation the Force Shivanii takes over the main role and that she is the one that has the strongest aspect, it doesn’t mean that the other two Forces are not being manifested or that they don’t exist in their primary aspect of manifestation. There cannot be the first cycle of manifestation without all the three Forces and the law of Kala – the time. Sometimes “kala” is translated as a curvature or a curvature flow. The three forces make the spaciousness and their manifestation is determined by a curvature flow. This level of manifestation or aspect of the Force in which Shivanii has the main role is called Pre-evolutionary stage. At this stage there is no creation, but the first division of Brahma to a primal witnessing – Shivanii and Shiva or Purusha. We could call it The Knowledge of Self. I.e. in this cycle of manifestation Self Awareness occurs. The Universe becomes Aware of Itself. There is still no impulse of Creation, nor are the other two Forces or Gunas active to start up this impulse. This state within man is known as Samadhi. It is the moment in which Consciousness is being aware of itself, in which there is no stirring of the mind, in which the seed from Unconscious is not creating an impulse that will start up Subconscious and Conscious. We say that a man in this state is unconscious of his body-mind existence and that his senses are turned off, whether they be internal or external. He is witnessing neither world nor himself, in the sense of manifestation as body and mind.

The second cycle of development contains the seed of manifestation, the seed of evolution. Nature or Prakrti is named Bhaeravii and Witness or Seed of Creation is Bhaerava. In the moment when the balance is lost, the seed that contains manifestation is created. In this cycle, Witness or Purusha enters the manifestation that is being created by the very force of manifestation. Purusha on this level is named Purusha Saguna or Consciousness with Attributes. Within him the Energy or Nature has the possibility of creation and the manifested Universe begins. Consciousness and Energy in Purusha Saguna are called Bhaerava and Bhaeravii. In the first cycle Consciousness and Energy are not separated and this is often represented with the sexual union in Tantric symbolism. Consciousness and Energy are united and fixed in one another. In the second cycle the separation begins – Energy or Nature/Prakrti manifests the Nature of Bhaerava and leads to creation of the Universe. Within man this state can be interpreted as the Third State of Consciousness in which there is a manifestation of the Unconscious as the seed of creation that reveals itself within Subconscious and Conscious as Action. Now, don’t confuse this with classical interpretation of Gunas or Forces. In this state the Nature in its downward stream creates the manifestation of the mind and its direction, i.e. energy binds itself for different impulses that create the life we know and lead on a body-mind level. We can say that this State is the very I Am State in which there are different movements and different expressions of Consciousness and Energy that lead to further hardening or to further crudeness of matter. When I say “matter”, here we must understand it as matter with different levels of materiality. There is no division on materiality and spirituality here, as it is usually interpreted and perceived. Spirituality is nothing but a materiality with specific, more subtle form and vibration.
If this is observed within the ascending stream to the Absolute, the State of Bhaerava and Bhaeravii is the State of separation from creation where Consciousness and Energy observe the manifestation, but are not bound with it. They are learning about their Nature, considering the manifestation, but are not bound with it. This process is known as the destruction of manifestation. “Destruction” is a withdrawal of energy from manifestation into its natural state which is a state before the complete union of Consciousness and Energy in this evolutionary cycle.

In the third cycle of development of a downward stream, Consciousness and Energy or Nature take the form of Bhava and Bhavanii. Within this cycle there are strings of resonating aspects that are reflected with creation. Because of numerous resonating aspects, the Force loses its linearity. In such conditions the first curve or Kala is being developed. Each Kala is similar to the previous one, but it is not the same. There cannot be two same Kalas or curvature streams (Kala Pravaha). In this aspect there is a creation of the mental or the world of matter. This is the true beginning of the manifestation of the Universe that contains a seed of all further manifestations of which we, as human beings within the solar system, are also a part. Bhava translated means “created world”. Bhavanii is the Force or the Energy of Creation. In some cases, Bhava is translated also as “intoxication by creation” or put simply, “identification or attachment to what is created”. In this process, Bhavanii is complete identification or the energy of identification with the created world. This state within man can be seen as the state of identification and it contains the Dream state and Deep Sleep state. “Dream” in this sense is so-called human awakeness, i.e. ordinary state of human consciousness. Deep Sleep refers to a sleeping process. Bhavanii creates, materializes the world that we know. It is the practical manifestation of the world.

Contact point of subtle and material evolution or nature is called Shambhuliunga.
Each cycle of manifestation is a certain triangle connected with other triangles. That is why I noted that this shouldn’t be seen as a linear explanation or a linear description, but should be realized as a simultaneous process of manifestation. If this is seen as a linear stream, you will not have a complete description of cosmology nor will you be able to understand it. In order to Realize Cosmology, a simultaneous view is needed, because in that way you can also understand the human “cosmology”. And that is the point of theory and philosophy of Cosmology.
The top of creation triangle of Bhavanii and Bhava is connected to the process of Saincara. I talked about that process a few times. It means that the triangle is turned downwards. Since I’m explaining the downward path of the Force here, top of the triangle is connected to the next state of manifestation of the Forces. When the top of a triangle is turned down then it is a symbol of creation as a result of manifestation of two forces TOWARD something, i.e. TOWARD materialization and it belongs to the force of action known as Saincara. When it is turned up, then it is the upward path of the Force and it is connected with the term Pratisaincara – the return from the edge to the source. Shambuliunga is the end point in the manifestation of the Forces. And it is considered as the origin point of “fundamental positivity”.

“In the ultimate state of crudification, Parashaktii that lies dormant in Svayambhuliunga (self-manifested) is called Kundalinii (coiled serpent).” – Kundalinii is asleep in this process (nidrita). This is the final stage of Bhavanii manifestation, the edge of BhavaniiShaktii. In this state of crudeness, Parashaktii lies hidden, dormant in jiivabhava (limited or dormant subjectivity) and we call it Kulakundalinii or “coiled serpent” or “force of fundamental negativity” – in other words, it is the fundamental force of Tamahguna.

“Kundalinii is the force of fundamental negativity”.
You must understand that Tantra knows series of terms and uses them to discern different aspects of manifestation, such as the two terms I have mentioned: Shambhuliunga and Svayambhuliunga. The first term means “fundamental positivity” and the second is for “fundamental negativity”.

Many people are interested in this last quote from Ananda Sutram, but it is often misunderstood. In Tantric scriptures it is said that Kundalinii is the negative Force, the expression of “fundamental negativity”. Despite all imagination people have about Kundalinii, which includes the ideas of its awakening, the ideas of its influence on a man and other imaginary ideas of various practices for Shaktii awakening – its awakening is not easy and is not comfortable at all. When it is said that something is an expression of “fundamental negativity” it is not about negativity or positivity as we usually understand it. Here it is about different aspects of the Force in her Manifestation. Sometimes the Forces are called Gunas or Goddesses. As in the case where three aspects of Goddess are mentioned: Shivanii or Kaoshikii, Bhaeravii or Bhavanii. But here, goddesses represent the manifestations of Parashakti. They are neither physical nor subtle, but different expressions of one and the same energy, just as Gods in this Cosmology interpretation (Shiva, Bhaerava and Bhava) are nothing more than different aspects of Consciousness or Parashiva. Kundalinii Shaktii in this case is not negativity as people assume. It is simply a definition of the manifestation of the Force through various aspects or, I can say, through various polarities, in a way.
However, when speaking of Kundalinii, her awakening and activation – which doesn’t automatically mean full awakening – will initiate series of “dark” or negative parts within a man. These parts are known as Resistances or as Passive Force in some other teachings. The words Resistance or Passive Force refer to a certain stage of inertia (remember the meaning of the word Tantra) and reversing it into the activity of awakening. All that keeps us in a dream, all that keeps us inert, unmovable, negative in human aspect, dull, powerless and similar is the very force Kundalinii Shaktii. But in its lower aspect of manifestation it is called Bhavanii Shaktii. Human Mind and human body as well are the very manifestation of Bhavanii Shaktii and, as such, in their final state of density or crudeness, they are the product of dormant force of Kundalinii. In this case the Force Kundalinii Shaktii means the Force of fundamental Negativity. Because, its purpose, so to say, is not wakefulness, but sleep. In some other Esoteric Teachings this force is perceived as Negative and as the cause of our sleepiness. Activating this force in the opposite direction towards Bhavani, through Bhaeravii to Shivanii or Kaoshikii would signify the Inner Evolution or the movement on the path of Pratisaincara or the returning to one’s own source. I gave the explanations of this movement partially in order to satisfy your curiosity, but they are not at all simple and short as I explained them.
In the original Tantric teaching which is neither left nor right – Vamachara or Dakshinachara – this reversal of the Force has its stages in Work upon Oneself or Sadhana. I spoke a bit of that before and I will say a bit more in the future. Having the knowledge that comes from Cosmology and applying it practically, a man can easily see his own movement through the Spiritual Sadhana, but also the movement of another.
Bhavanii is the force of identification that binds you to the world around you and to your place in it, as well as your mind and your body. In the ultimate manifestation it is a total identification with body and mind and it is considered as the fundamental negativity and thereby it is called Dormant Shaktii or Dormant Kundalinii. In her process of awakening and moving across a certain point of identification, this force manifests as Bhaeravii or the Force of de-identification or the Force which gives the Awareness of yourself, i.e. awareness of the processes in you, focus on the witness, discardment of all you are not in your Witnessing state. Often it is identified with man and woman doing Tantric Sadhana – Bhaerava and Bhavanii (one of the interpretation of these names).
Its unifying aspect, when Shiva and Shivanii are united in a symbolic sexual act, signifies unification of consciousness and awareness (an expression of energy and nature). In this aspect they are a part of Non-manifested Absolute or Brahma. Because “Brahma is the wholeness of Shiva and Shaktii”. When Awareness or Nature is returned to its source or Consciousness, they are Brahma himself, Non-manifested Absolute.

Every teaching has its own interpretation of this process and in each one I found the same explanation, just with different symbols, expressions or names. All this can be explained with the manifestations of Shiva or Shaktii or Forces (as with Mr. G.) and similar. And it all means one and the same. Each aspect of the manifestation of Shiva and Shaktii contains series of aspects I will touch later on. There are also differences in Sadhana on each level of development. And the most essential thing you must know is that all this cannot be observed linearly. It is a simultaneous process and it can be understood correctly only in this way. Cosmology is used for explaining the state of man and the universe and it is a foundation for the concept of any Teaching. Therefore, its smaller or most basic part must be rightly understood, for it enables the understanding of man himself and his manifestation, his purpose and his movement. If man is seen apart from Cosmology, his development becomes limited. He comes to a certain barrier after which he cannot understand stages he reached and therefore, he may remain stuck at a specific stage thinking that he has reached the ultimate goal. But, if Cosmology is comprehended in the right way, then there is a possibility for understanding, for different states of consciousness and accomplishments, so to say, to which a man aspires, but only sometimes acquires. He can intellectually understand what the awakening means, what is the state of One and similar. But, in order to reach something, he must know what is it that he wants to reach in the first place. Without this he is in the process of wandering around and the forces are acting upon him and leading him toward direction that is discordant to his aspirations and goals. Hence the need for knowing where are you headed to in your process of the inner awakening.