7d430f842280a2f9143d79ca6fd06546This Law of Attraction, of which so much is spoken today, was previously known as the Law of Transformation and its purpose was not to create a good life, because of the karmic actions that the desire for a good life brings. Instead, it was directed towards changing oneself, towards changing or transforming man and thus, it changed the reality around us, the world we are in. The Goal was not to change the physical reality, to get eternal happiness or to succeed in life. Rather, the Goal was to rise above the prison of a lower life, i.e. life of self-oblivion, limitation, addiction, attachment. Only after that, this Law of Transformation bore fruits in the external life, for a man wasn’t attached to it anymore. If you observe what they are saying about creation, about the law of attraction, about how it is done, you realize one small fact that everyone mentions on You Tube. And the fact is – you must not desire what you are creating, you must not be attached to the result. This so-called law of attraction was taken out of the context of the wholeness – the wholeness of man’s Transformation. And, of course, everyone says it is incomplete, everyone says that something is missing. Certainly, the wholeness behind it is that what is missing. If a man doesn’t get taken away with creating, with the control of a small part of himself which only wants and wants and wants, for it is unfulfilled, for it wants to be successful, for it wants to have money as a means of self-fulfillment, for it wants a parking spot – this kind of man can come across deeper layers of the Law of Transformation game. And this Law is so deep and wide at the same time that it changes not only your reality, but also the reality of the ones in contact with you, even of the ones you have never seen, but wish to help them – if you see it is necessary – not so they would have a better life, but in order to change as humans, as beings.
Apart from all those who are giving you interpretations of this law of attraction along with their wish to be recognized as the “do-gooders toward humanity”, i.e. along with their simple wish for success in what they call “spirituality”, you will hardly come across the ones who are saying what is it actually about or the ones who know what it means, how it is being done, what the goal of this kind of work is. So-called law of attraction or law of creation is only one aspect of the inner Work and evolution, to the ones who are on that Path, on the Path toward Self. To Work according to this principle requires a man who can see the whole and the part, who can see the laws of change, the laws of movement, the laws of time and it’s manifestation; a man who had first and foremost realized the foundation from which all this comes out, which is the creator of everything. First of all, the Law of Transformation or the Teaching of Transformation wasn’t given for your physical wellness and for that what your mind wants and wants and wants. On the contrary, this law very quickly abolishes the mind that wants and creates the mind that ACCEPTS the reality as a REFLECTION of itself. With this insight into himself he changes, transforms limitations, changes all that binds him and therefore, changes his wishes, desires, passion of life. With this change, with the abolishment of the master which is outer, of the master as the sense mind, detached, alone and desirous of everything; but, first of all, with the understanding of its (the mind’s) structure and rejection of its commands – this kind of man acquires a possibility which is spoken of in the law of attraction. Only the one who is free of the mind’s dictation, free of desire, who knows true self, who knows cosmology movements, i.e. understands them – only he is allowed to use this law completely. The question is – will he use it? Usually, he will use it, only when he must, but only after thorough consideration.

The problem of creating and attracting is the KARMA you will get and that will keep you in the physical world for a very long time, the karma that will keep you in the limitations of this world, for a few incarnations afterwards, unless you gain even more karma for the next few lives.
My aim is not to scare you – you are already frightened enough. If you don’t have something that you want and you don’t realize it, materialize it, it will come as an urge or as a reality in the next life, because the samskara or the potential you have made must be emptied – because of this you can’t be liberated. I wonder if they gave you this law and this creating in order to keep you on a string, so that you can create what you want, as much as you want, for as long as you want, enabling them to benefit from you, to make use of you in the same way you use animals, breeding them in cattle pens or in the same way you use plants, growing them in gardens. A free man cannot be controlled, but the one who always wants something, who always runs for pleasures of the body and mind – is he being controlled? What is he being controlled with?

And as they say, everyone is already doing basic law of attraction and creation without knowing it; each one has a possibility for liberation, but will you use it or will you continue imprisoning yourself? There are methods of creating far beyond the wishful mind that are much more powerful, stronger and faster. They are being used around you, but you cannot see them, for you would have to go beyond the mind of time and space. Right here there are two fractions. One that wants to keep you imprisoned, the other that wants to liberate you. But, the line of difference between them is thin – that difference is in their motive and their goal.

When you are able to experience and feel the reality around you, to know that you are something other than a wishful mind, the mind that wants success, then the doors of Law of Transformation open for you along with Creating the outer world.