Witnessing and observing are important in the first place, because those are the only states which are somewhat alike to what you are in your nature – in contrast to being obsessed with personality, self-concepts, processes that go on. It is like obsessing over the workings of an engine in a car, rather than driving, operating the vehicle, moving from point A to point B.

Second, whenever you observe you are separated from the workings of the “machine”, i.e. from that which you call yourself, human. You take yourself as human due to a series of beliefs you had received from others, beliefs which you accepted as true, beliefs which everyone holds. (Owing to identification “beliefs which everyone is” – would be more precise). By observing you realize that the processes of thinking, feeling, sensing, i.e. the functions of the minds are not your nature but are manifestations of your nature.

, by observing you acquire the possibility of seeing what you’re identified with, what you are convinced of, seeing your self-concepts, self-image, beliefs, projections, hopes, expectations, self-lying, imagination you have and which tells you (that you are) what you are, etc.

, when you observe you are alive, present in your own life, or what you call “your” life – it isn’t really yours since you never wanted it, it just happened. It happened and you identified with it, you accepted it with all of its concepts of “good and evil”, morals, conscience, living and dying etc. When you are not present within yourself YOU DON’T EXIST. You’re non-existent. And yet, your belief of being “awake”, i.e. physically functional, is telling you that you do exist and live a life.

, by observing you realize that thinking, feeling, moving, having sensations, projections, beliefs – ISN’T LIVING but an automatic moving along an imaginary line of life, an imaginary and frozen image of living, a concept of life. You are being lived, not THE ONE LIVING.

, observation leads to awareness of self, which is not the same as observation. Being aware of yourself means coming to the first place in your life, BEING ALIVE, being present, existing. Awareness means participation of two minds, of at least two functions in your life: intellect and emotion. This is the beginning of process of becoming whole, the beginning of wholeness in you.

, without awareness and observation you’re unable to see your own fragmentation, the lies you believe in, imagination that had built your life, projections you have of yourself, others and the world. And above all, you cannot KNOW THAT YOU EXIST, that YOU LIVE. It’s like a dream you are dreaming and suddenly – you wake up in it. Then you can see that it’s a dream, that it’s all imagination and that you had believed in something which is a projection on a screen.

, Awareness is an imitation of the awake state. Without this imitation you cannot enter the awake state. If you think you’re already awake, as your imagination is telling you, you cannot enter the awake state since you’re CONVINCED of already being in it. Awakeness is a natural function of a Being which is aware of itself, of a transformed being. Through awareness you realize just how much you don’t have yourself while being convinced that you do.

, when Awareness starts appearing in you there is a sense of internal haziness. You open your internal eyes and see yourself from the inside as if through a haze. You notice more, see more, but you can’t see clearly, can’t feel clearly. This is a sign that you have “opened your eyes” but are not yet completely awakened. Awakening is a process in which you’re opening and closing your internal eyes, purifying your inner sight (witness, observer) with psychological vertigo as a common effect.

, psychological vertigo is a sign of awakening, a sign that you began exiting the dream of personality, of life, of yourself, others, the world. It is often confusing, bringing a sense of powerlessness; uncertainty of the way you’re headed or should be heading to; fears of how will you be able to go on; fears about your sense of purpose etc.
All of this is the influence of the old personality, the old you which is trying to regain control. Most often, its harshest weapon are vital emotions. (Vital emotions are animalistic emotions, needs, feelings that are more intense than the real Emotion in man – and this sense of intensity appears because of the strength and speed with which they affect you.)

, the appearance of stability within you is the appearance of Real Emotion. Through it you will feel that witness is amplified, clear, providing rest, mastery, the feeling of existence. It doesn’t mean you will remain in this state, for it needs strengthening by constant work on oneself. Work is a continuous making of Efforts in the direction of your Aim. Until this Aim is reached you don’t stop working. Any break in working weakens the Work’s line of movement and the line of internal change, transformation.

, the feeling of I Am, the feeling of Being, of Existence – DOESN’T CHANGE YOU. It will leave you exactly as you were, and you’ll see this within ordinary manifestation in the form of your inability to be that which you had sensed for a few moments. Observation and Awareness of self, directed at what needs to be changed, are what enable Transformation. Also, friction which arises from it amplifies the substance of the feeling of Existence, making it larger, stronger, more dominant, more present. This strengthens observer and witness, and in turn, the transformation of personality and life becomes stronger and more extensive.

, when you are not, when you don’t exist, the function of mechanical mind takes over control. It can give you the impression that it is you, and due to ignorance of the way forces of creation function – you think it is you. This is the illusion which influences man, witness, up until witness is sufficiently strong and present in your external and internal life. When you get to know the cosmology and the way forces of creation operate, it becomes clear that this isn’t you. But this intellectual clarity needs to become emotional, even vital clarity. Only then can it be used for internal change.

, in order to change you need to change your convictions, attitudes, concepts, and each of those concepts, attitudes, convictions needs to be based on the feeling of Existence, the feeling of I Am, Witness. Otherwise your concepts will be superficial, connected with personality and its projections, fears, hopes, expectations. None of this exists in a Conscious Being. It is all a manifestation of an unconscious being: of a man who thinks he is living, who is convinced that he is it, who doesn’t have himself. Existence is not bound by concepts. Mind is. This is the difference, the definition helping you in your further Work.

, Work on Oneself is by definition Work on this Self. Not “on top” of yourself, as today’s spirituality presents it. In the Work on yourSelf you work on the pure being (existing) which is freed from any kind of projection, concept, conviction. Whereas, in the work ON TOP of yourself you keep adding up what you like, what you project onto Work and spirituality, while suppressing what you don’t like. Work on top of yourself is inserting an image of a perfect self, an image which is a projection, in the hope that things are the way you imagined them to be.

, work on Oneself is undressing of garments you have put over your Self, removing convictions, lying, imagination, negative emotions, concepts, ideas which don’t belong to the true and real SELF. It is discarding identification with the processes you have substituted for yourself, discarding everything which doesn’t belong to you as Witness, as Existence.

, in the beginning Work on Oneself is negative, based on discriminating the true from the false, i.e. the permanent from the impermanent. Yet, Work on oneself is also affirmative. This part comes after the negative one, after you have rejected all that isn’t you, isn’t yours, isn’t permanent. Then, the permanent, what you are, what is yours is manifested in this life once more – only this time in a truer, more real, more permanent, creative, divine, saturated way.

, observer and witness are the basis of your transformation, your change, the ground work for your future self-construction. They are the way toward the Higher and the way from the Higher toward the lower. Without them all you’re doing is playing a spiritual game of fancy, of self-persuasion, self-lying and self-delusion, remaining trapped for thinking that you are actually doing something, that you’re spiritual. Spirituality doesn’t exist. It is a lie served to arouse interest in parts of your inferiority and superiority so that they might embark on the Way. It’s a trap for your so called ego.

, I said “so called” because you don’t have an Ego. Those who manipulate with this word are nothing but blind men who had been manipulated and now they keep manipulating while feeling worthy and significant for being spiritual. And being spiritual is an even more dangerous “ego” than the non-spiritual one. Ego is the state of internal Unity. The state of One I, one Will, one Consciousness. You don’t have an Ego. Therefore, every manipulation with the term “ego” points to an idiot behind it who is being manipulated himself. He is a blind man seeing no further than his own concepts, convinced of his self-righteousness, a lie that has become stronger and more powerful than the lie preceding it. Ego is the Observer that is strong, permanent, has value and knowledge. Ego means ONE I, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, and this you don’t have.

, I Am is the way, the truth and the life. I Am is the foundation for the manifestation of observer and witness, it is the true Ego, your Real I. The problem is you have been fooled by your interpretations received by blind men who interpreted the teaching they themselves don’t understand. I Am is the measuring rod of what needs to be removed, discarded, what needs to die. But what needs to die ought not die before you HAD BECOME AWAKE, for if it does, your evolution is finished and you go back to the beginning. As an idea, re-incarnation has nothing to do with reincarnation in the way your blind spirituality has taught you. A new birth is something only an Awake man can have, not a man who imagines that he is a man, or that he is awake. Observer and Witness are the path toward Awakeness, while Awakeness is the truth, the life and the path toward Immortality. If you wish to Be then start observing, witnessing, building your Self instead of building the lie which was strengthened with the aid of so called spirituality, and given to you as a means of NEVER reaching yourself. Your awakening, your being awake is of no use to anyone. This is a fundamental thing you need to grasp as soon as possible, and start WAKING UP BECAUSE OF YOURSELF.