5a56e0812923bcb39ca69e8b29c045ceAs he is progressing in The Work that is oriented only on his inner side, a man discovers that The Work starts resembling “science fiction” more and more. The old perception falls off and flashes of the new one begin to replace it. That which was once considered to be a Miracle becomes a reality. More and more, a man is becoming convinced of the truth of the Universe, of himself, of manifestations of consciousness that is equal for all. His world becomes more his own, not someone else’s. He realizes that all phenomena in the world that surrounds him, which he once considered to be accidental or foreign, are being the manifestations of his consciousness. This is the point where, while crossing the invisible threshold, the chaos in him occurs. What is the truth in the end? That which everyone else told him or that which several individuals who stepped into this before him said? No one can resolve this conflict but the man in whom it occurs. Conflict is filled with fear, timidity to use knowledge and abilities, to let himself go and surrender to a new perception. To what extent can he use it? Will he be punished? Does God, Absolute or Higher Intelligence allow the use of something like this? Is he interfering in someone else’s will, someone else’s life, the will and the lives of those around him, those who are closest to him?
This is a period in which he experiences pain, conflict, powerlessness which arises from a specific combination of abilities, strength, power and personal responsibility, fear of punishment, of God or whatever. No one, not even God, can resolve this conflict inside him which reflects the new and piercing encountering the old and limiting.
Is he what he actually realized he is? Should he continue to be what he was before this Insight? Is his Insight concrete or is it yet to be concretized? What will happen to him, with the world that surrounds him, with others if he concretizes this Insight? It is all a reflection of the fear which was imposed on him during many incarnations, a buffer which stops him from going further, but also a threshold which he must cross if he wants to concretize his Insight. No one from his surroundings who is wise will tell him what to do. No one will interfere, except for showing him that for others like him it is possible and that they are not burdened by limitations, by fears. When he asks them about it they will tell him he has got the Knowledge and what he does with it is up to him. Why?
Because it is his fight, his universe, his own Mirage he must resolve. No one wants to interfere in it, because everyone had their own fight in their unique, specific way.
Then he starts step by step. He touches one part of his Mirage and then he withdraws for a while. He does not get involved, he does not interfere. He stands aside frightened and observes. Soon he realizes that what he touched has changed. And nothing is disturbed, no one was endangered, nothing is destroyed. Next time he goes a little more bolder, but still careful. He touches Reality at one point and steps back, stands, he is frightened, horrified. “If this goes well too, that’s it” – he says to himself. And it goes well. Then he’s even more afraid, blocked. He stands frightened for a while without trying to touch anything. The Reality of his life continues as before, along with this change he made. Nothing happens. He needs some time to get up and try again. Then he “touches” a new layer of Reality, he plays around. This time with a little stronger, more piercing layer, a deeper one. And then again fear. Again withdrawal. Waiting. And it changes.

Then he has two paths. Will he play with Reality or will he go deeper in it, toward the real Path, the real exit? He begins to realize new worlds around him that have been here all the time, have been living parallel with him, only he didn’t notice them. If he plays this game on a deeper level, he knows that many of the old world things will fall off, many will vanish. This imagining is apocalyptic in the beginning. He thinks that he will destroy something, while he will actually change the perception point and thus the movement line. But the old world will not disappear. He will get out of it, but that world will not vanish as he thinks it will.
Then he remembers many who have been on that level before him. Who were thinking like him, who were having internal conflicts, who were breaking limitations and resistances. And who disappeared from his world after a while. Simply vanished. He never heard of them again. He begins to wonder where are they? Where did they go? Did they die? Soon he finds certain information about them. He realizes that they are still here, among us, in this world, but as if they are not here. They have changed the “paradigm” of their existence, the movement line, the world around them which exists parallel with his world. Many speak of them as if they have failed, destroyed themselves with the Knowledge they had, violated cosmic laws, disrupted the Divine movement lines. But that is not the truth. They are still here. They haven’t disrupted anything, neither cosmic nor Divine laws. Moreover, they have united these laws within themselves, remaining in the world which others can’t enter, although they sometimes sit next to them, completely physical as they are, but without noticing them. They see them with some other eyes that see only what they want, not what is real.
Then he finds an example of all this. In his world there are the worlds of others he doesn’t meet, but knows about them. The worlds of politicians, mighty people, all kinds of lower and higher worlds he can’t meet, because his vibration is not the same as theirs, but he knows about them. And he realizes that the principle is exactly the same. He doesn’t want to be a messiah, a savior. He doesn’t want anything from any role he had to play before. He only wants to be free from all of it. But Freedom always has two edges. Freedom From and Freedom For. Empty space doesn’t exist. Two things cannot exist in one space unless that space is wide enough to contain them. He transforms himself completely. He disappears from the world around him. He’s there and he isn’t.
Flashes of Mastering over his own world and him as a manifestation of Self become replaced with constancy. He understands – nothing disappeared, no one is hurt, no one is put down by his progress in any way, by the change of his perception and movement line. The Work has just begun. Only now he understands the Teaching completely and he realizes he shouldn’t fool himself with “only now he understands the Teaching completely”. The Teaching and the Work are so wide that the whole universe fits into them. He understood the Teaching and the Work on one level, but there are billions of them. Then the question arises – whether to stay, with a bit of himself, in this world that was his own until yesterday or to completely shift into the new one?
His Work continues. None of the worlds are threatened with his achievement, nor was anything destroyed, nor will anything be created. All is as it is. He simply crosses his levels as everyone else before and after him.

Karma, Samskara, Impressions, Imprints, Programs he had before must be completely transformed. He realizes that all of these are just terms he NEVER UNDERSTOOD, but accepted as if he had. He accepted them according to the forces within him, the forces that kept him where he was until that moment. Now he understands them and no longer considers them the forces that keep him imprisoned, but the forces he can cooperate with in his further plans.
Manifestation becomes Affirmative for him. He creates and destroys at the same time and on the inside he is attached neither to creating nor to destroying.
What he fantasized before as a beginner on The Path, in The Work, becomes a reality. Fear is still there. Everything is there as before, but he changes and thereby everything else changes.
Where to go? How to set on? What to do?
He no longer touches the worlds of others. He understands it is their world and he has nothing to do with them. He can interfere, silently, or tell them stories about something which they can accept, which is logical in their world. He is silent about his own world. There is still much work to be done in his personal world. But this time he doesn’t expect that something or someone from the outside will do that job. After all, it’s not a job. It’s the Path of change, the Path of transformation and transcendence.
He laughs at this idea. An idea from the old world, limitation and projection of the old world. He discards it too, as all the other ideas he heard about in spiritual circles. At this moment it’s all just a limitation for him. And he doesn’t want to accept limitations he doesn’t have to, laws he doesn’t need, rules that don’t cause his change. Finally he is free from the idea of spirituality, from the idea of esoteric, idea of him, idea of god, idea of the world, idea of change, idea, idea, idea…
To bring down Divine Force (Shaktii) completely – that is the goal of his life, the goal of his. That is the goal of the ones like him.
Why? Why must he have this goal? This he had heard about as well, read about it, learned it from others. After all, FROM WHERE would he bring it down? It is already here.
How long will it take him to get to know it completely, to realize it, to play it? It depends only on him, on the fear he still might have, on the powerlessness he grew to like, on the world he’s probably still attached to with some part of him. But, that doesn’t matter. The process had started.

In the end, what is the goal of such a man? How can we recognize that kind of a Being? There is no goal that we know, there is no way to recognize such a man. Even when he himself tells us he is it, we cannot accept it, because it doesn’t suit our conditioning, our projections. And as long as they are here, we cannot know the goals of these people nor recognize them.

I have written this text to those who are at this or at a similar turning point. To the individuals who began to understand, but still fight the old world. Responsibility, YES. Being faithful to yourself, YES. Changing yourself, YES. Not interfering in the world of others, YES. Abandoning all those stories and fairy-tales of spirituality and religion, YES. Leaving your own stories and fairy-tales as well, YES. Taking this what is written only as a reminder and motivation to continue, YES. Being YOU, YES. Being It, YES. Everything else, Yes and No.
Until now, you have been slaves of YOUR OWN FEAR, of your own projection, of your own hopes, limitations, negative emotions etc. They are always YOUR OWN. Not mine, not anyone else’s, but only YOURS. Precisely there is a responsibility. What will change? Everything and nothing simultaneously. What has changed until now? Did it pull you away from yourself or from that “which you belong to” by your inner genetics?

It’s all your choice, and even when it’s not – it is your choice.