Yab-YumWhen Identity takes knowledge and the motive for taking it in enormous quantities comes out of a crystallized personality, or out of its need for protecting itself through knowledge, the result is something we may call “cellophane insulation”. We know what insulation is for and when we realize what “cellophane” means it becomes clear that the layer of fat created through reading and devouring information is not useful for the Internal Development of Consciousness. It is useful only for developing Identity that wants to be Spiritual, Religious, or even “esoteric”.
Knowledge is important, but only the knowledge which can pass over into Consciousness or bring about its Crystallization. If this isn’t possible and if development of Knowledge had not been followed by the development of Being, soon it will bring about disharmony between Mind and Being (Consciousness) which will damage the Being. Just as the symbolism of this image (Shiva Shaktii, op.prev.) brings about specific feelings in the ones who understand its meaning, while this same image remains nothing but a drawing on paper if there is no Consciousness to apply the meaning, so it is with knowledge you collect. In time, the knowledge you desire and greedily gorge on creates envelopment around Identity, an entrustment, up until the point in which you’re no longer able to recognize an Authentic Knowledge that has the power of crystallizing Consciousness. The answer to the question of why the Esoteric Knowledge was never systematized, collected, compiled into a “data base” appears naturally – provided you understand the origin of this need for collecting knowledge; what is it in a man that aims to collect information, whether of this world or of the other; and why he is so insistent on their classification and categorisation, on the so called “data-bases”.

Devil and his friend were strolling in a park, when a man in front of them bends down and picks up a piece of paper which had something inscribed on it, swiftly reads the paper and puts it in his pocket while nervously looking around himself. The friend asked the Devil: What did this man find? The Devil replied: He found the Truth. It was written in such way to enter him momentarily upon being read. The Friend said: Well, now you’re screwed. He will know the Truth. The Devil said: I’m not. I will make him systematize it.

Knowledge can be systematized in some way, collected in a book for example, but that creates a problem many don’t understand. It becomes too accessible. Things that are too accessible, found in excess, lose their value in the world which we live in. Designer brands are valuable and costly only because they are not mass produced like ordinary T-shirts. In the same way, Knowledge that’s too accessible loses its value, it becomes lost. It is unable to produce the substance needed for the Crystallization of Being if anyone can have it for dirt cheap or by a mere click of the mouse. The accessibility of information in today’s age is the very reason collecting quality Knowledge is so difficult. In ancient times a Master would pass through a certain village every few decades, giving Initiations and Knowledge to those whom he found interested. Receiving those limited information they had to wait a few years when the Master would again pass through their village or by their house. Once more, they would get only a few more Information and all would be repeated.
In contrast, today you read Esoteric Secrets in Vanity Fair, or some other magazine for modern woman or man, and the very fact you’re reading it in there makes this knowledge worthless. Firstly, you’re reading a degenerate magazine which is telling of your level of consciousness. Second, the writer is a sensationalist aiming to sell to those who seek Life in these kinds of magazines. Third, because knowledge is found neither in information, nor in the words someone uses – but in the MEANING of those words and in THE CRYSTALLIZATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS that exists and is found within one reading certain information. When a hungry mind seeks food it greedily stuffs its face without realizing it will have to pay for it with indigestion. You understand this, but when it needs to be applied on Internal Development the Understanding miraculously disappears.
In the Bible Gluttony and Greed are Deadly Sins. Most people take this list literally, although parts of it are to be understood in the literal way, yet what is the difference between gluttony; greed for food, and greed for anything else? If you understand what Greed is, how can greed for Knowledge be any less of a sin? Greed for anything is still Greed. And if you don’t understand what is SIN then you can’t understand what has been said in the Bible. Just as Gluttony is not only greed for food, sin is not only what people mean by it. Greed for Knowledge is a missed Aim – “a sin” in the full sense of the word: missing the point, the aim, the target. This is not the Aim of a Man in the Esoteric. Esoteric teaching provides Knowledge but Knowledge is not the aim in itself. Thus, a collection of Esoteric Knowledge is also not the point. Such a thing would be more harmful than an atomic bomb. Knowledge is just like medicine; over-consumption turns it into Poison which can destroy the Being. As in everything, so especially in the Esoteric Balance is of the essence, or as was inscribed in ancient Delphi: “Nothing in Excess.” Going to any extreme is dangerous for Crystallization of Consciousness. Half-knowledge is dangerous, yet receiving Knowledge before the necessary level of Consciousness had been Crystallized is no less dangerous. Also, it is dangerous to receive Knowledge if there is an imbalance between Being and Mind, or before Psychic Being had been brought IN FRONT of PERSONALITY.
By piling up knowledge you close up the possibility of using this knowledge. Knowledge needs to be applied, and applying just a few Esoteric information takes years. By piling up information you are not progressing on the Internal Path but protecting yourself, maintaining your greed, the folly arising from Identity. This is the reason why much information connected with Esoteric teaching is inaccessible. A man who had not become Conscious is not qualified to receive this information. By piling up knowledge all you’ll end up with is a portable encyclopaedia, a portable circus of wonders ready to be applauded, nothing else. The foundation which is supposed to receive Knowledge will not have been Developed.

An eager seeker found himself at the gate of a Tantric monastery. After a few years of trying, he was finally let inside. Upon entering he was brought into Masters private chamber. Delighted by the sheer number and the diversity of books in the room, he started reading through the titles right from the moment he stepped inside. In the meantime the Master asked him – How do you like your coffee? – Black. – The man replied. After a few minutes the Master returned with coffee, sat on his chair and started answering his, still amazed by the books, student-to-be’s questions while sipping the black liquid. After he finally stopped reading the titles and questioning the Master curiously, the seeker sat opposite him and looked at the tray in front of him. There was a plate, but no mug. In place of the mug was inscribed: „Black Coffee”.