ef2b5d4ff0f4aae263ab34f9ac86306dThe main thing in the beginning of the Work is to free oneself of the external influences, particularly the ones we don’t need. We are beings who receive and transmit influences and through influences we receive and transmit impressions (imprints). Impressions are a kind of food and provide more subtle energy used for working of the higher functions of man. Impressions and influences come and are transmitted all the time. In the beginning, it is important to discard harmful influences, especially those that produce very heavy, bad, and negative impressions. An impression is the smallest sensory stimulus, whether external or internal, and all that we perceive at all levels. Impressions, as well as influences, are stored in the memory of minds according to what they activate within us. If we are negative, if we are aggressive, we will receive more of negative and aggressive imprints and influences. The state we’re in filtrates the impressions that come and we receive only the ones that correspond to that specific state. Other impressions are being discarded and we’re being focused only at those that match our inner state. However, if we are not aware, then every impression we receive is used only in a very small percentage and is being exploited by certain states – negative moods, mechanical positive moods, different mechanisms like useless chatter, mechanical “thinking” and such – that are being amplified and fed by it. Only a consciously received impression goes to the crystallization of consciousness within us, gives a more subtle energy, fills the system with energy and can be used for the inner evolution.
More or less, you all know how it feels to receive a motivating impression. It’s the music you play when you feel bad, it’s the impression of nature when you take a walk outside to be alone with yourself, and so on. These are all impressions. There are also bad impressions, negative ones that make us feel “down”, bad, that lower our vibrations, etc. In the beginning of the Work, the goal is to learn to reduce the influence of negative impressions and to amplify the reception of elevating ones. I’m not saying “positive impressions”, because “positive” can be anything. For someone who is depressed, a “positive” impression is something which confirms his depression. For someone who is aggressive, a “positive” impression is something that amplifies his aggression. I limit my words purposely in order to give you the right meaning. Elevating or Levitational Impression is any impression that gives you fine and uplifting  energy that you can use to maintain and create specific states in which you are creative, energetic, uplifted and which reduces negative influences within you. Contrary to that is Gravitational Impression which pulls you down from a higher to a lower level of energy, of vibration. The problem with Levitational Impression is that it’s easily used for a fantasy, for self-liking, self-elevation, and similar. In the beginning, you won’t be able to stop these parts from receiving the energy of these impressions or discriminate between them. You will learn to do it in time.

Try limiting yourself on receiving only good, Levitational Impressions for one day. Choose whatever gives you this fine, uplifting energy. A walk, music, socializing without too much talking, coffee in a coffee shop while observing the world around you, window shopping, reading – anything. But, BE AWARE, KNOW all the time that your goal is to CONSCIOUSLY receive the impressions that come to you. Then this energy goes into the higher functions of the minds, your mind becomes clearer, emotions pure and uplifting, you feel fulfilled, curious, full of energy which can be felt few centimeters or meters around you, depending on how successful you were in this, etc.
Then, when you feel you’ve got enough of fine energy through Impressions, go and sit somewhere you won’t be disturbed and free yourself from any specific thinking, memory and similar. Stay still in SILENCE and FEEL yourself. If something comes up within you, observe it without analysis, mental commenting, emotional attaching to it. Just observe it as if it were a movie on the screen. When it disappears, goes away with its flow, FEEL YOURSELF again. Feeling yourself is the FINEST IMPRESSION you can receive. It will motivate you to be more YOU, to be present within you more often, to experience yourself. In time you will realize that all you need in life is right here within SELF, and when you have it, when you are ALIVE within yourself, then you can work out anything that comes to you, choose what suits you, reject all that turns you away from yourself, etc.
Give this small exercise a try, and then learn to, for a start, turn off the impressions in your life that aim to put you down, to keep you in a negative state, unmotivated, to feed with your energy.