kundalini-shaktiMany want to work with sexuality without understanding that in its pure form sexuality doesn’t reach their minds, for it works with more subtle form of energy than the minds and the mind in general. The mind cannot feel sexuality in its pure form, but in its processed form and therefore this sexual force in man is not pure. When the minds work in a distorted way, sexuality will be distorted accordingly, because distorted mind cannot transform sexual energy according to the law of transformation and thus it distorts it – therefore, sexuality as the force that enters the minds gets a distorted form. In this way, a distorted form won’t give the right result, but a distorted one. In other words, deviation of the minds distorts sexual energy and thus it intensifies its own deviation. It’s a movement in the opposite direction. Sexual Force is felt as the Awakeness, but if you haven’t felt the Awakeness, then your consciousness is not subtle enough, you don’t have enough of the subtle energy, your minds are not purified and therefore you don’t know the similarity between the Awakeness and the Sexual Force. Some people have magnetism which is similar to the Sexual Force, but it is usually deviant. A deviated mind interprets this deviation as an authenticity, as a specificity of the “awake man” (false awake man) and thus distorts the deviation more and more, fantasizing that in this way it deepens its “authenticity”.

Sexual Force is like a blood stream flowing through the body, nourishing it, feeding it with oxygen, reviving it. Sometimes it is called Life Force, but your associations to this term cannot possibly give you the right description or the feeling of it. That’s why we use the term Sexual Force. When you feel Yourself, when you feel, by some miracle, the core of yourself as it is without conversion or interpretation of the mind, then you know what the Life Force (Sexual Force) is and then you understand the possible deviations that you have or that might occur, which usually occur in different people and their different minds. What is needed in order to control, or better to say, in order to Master (a Master is not a controller) this Force is the AWAKE ACTIVITY and the minds sufficiently purified so they don’t lead you astray or use the Life Force in a wrong way – a wrong way is a way which is HARMFUL for you.
Sexual or Life Force is the ACTIVE principle of Creation. The man’s minds are the PASSIVE principle of creation. If the Active Force of Creation enters the non-transformed Passive Force of Creation, then the deviation and distortion of that force appear. It is clear that the Universe has the use of it, since it uses the energy you create as a bonus energy for its growth and development, for its evolution. Usually it is thought that Universe doesn’t develop, that it is static, i.e. that God, whatever that is for you, is static and not developing, but that is one of the common mistakes in pseudo-spiritual teachings. When the Active or the Passive Force have contact, i.e. Create, that which appears as a result is the Neutral Force or that which you will get as a response to your invested efforts.
Active Force + (non-purified) Passive Force = Neutral Force (deviation).
Only Awakeness or Awareness can use the Sexual Force or the Life Force in the right way. In other words, the Witness is the one who directs Life Force and uses it according to himself. Now, about the problem. The witness is limited by the impressions (samskaras) through which he manifests. Therefore, by manifesting the Force through the unbalanced samskaras, the Witness limits the manifestation of the Life Force and its movements in different directions. That’s the more difficult part in all this. That’s why many teachings have decided for celibacy (non-expression of the sexual urge), because there is less damage in not expressing sexuality than in expressing it (at least they were convinced so) – that’s why there is a series of teachings that don’t agree upon this fact and consequently have different rules connected both with the WAY of their teaching or its application and with this fact.
There are a number of ways to awaken this Force within man who is Consciouss enough or partially Awaken. All these ways don’t have a purpose to awaken reproduction – i.e. as the magic-occult systems misuse it in the sense of creating, in the sense of amplifying magnetism, in the sense of amplifying false authenticity which is actually a deviation, in the sense of manipulation and selfish exploitation of this Force, etc. – but to amplify crystallization of the Witness and cleansing of subconscious and unconscious impressions and programs (samskaras). Some aim for complete liberation from the cycle of manifestations ON THIS LEVEL, while others aim to BRING DOWN the pure Force and thereby, to purify this level, i.e. to lift it on a higher vibrational level. It all depends on the Teachings or their interpretation.

The Work with this Force required a number of rules in ancient times – from the rule of choosing the partners, their genetics, their spiritual maturity and the level of Being they have achieved, to the rules regarding the teachings, their method and goal (and you must know that different teachings have different goals) – all those rules were strict and harsh and any misbehave was sanctioned in its very beginning. One of these rules regarded deviation and distortion of the force within man.
Before utilizing this Force, purification of sexuality was needed and this was done by the ordinary celibacy with a number of rules – methods of breathing, physical behaviour, mental focus, conscious intention or ideation – which were used for purifying and preparing the mind, not the sexual or the life force itself, for it is pure in its very nature. Through this purification, potential deviations became visible and the work on their correction was done. The more important thing than deviation itself is a direction of THE CONSCIOUS PART in you, because it is the part that purifies, reverses and stops the deviation.
Today, more or less, these rules almost don’t exist, for the deviation of humanity has reached a critical point, which is obvious with the appearance of various sexual and emotional deviations around us. The Emotional Mind is one of the most important minds for the use of the Life Force and, in the past, the whole emphasis was on it. Nowadays, this Idea is wrongly presented with the appearance of many teachings which emphasize the so-called faith, devotion and similar – i.e. many teachings which create the path with emotions and surrendering, avoiding the other minds.
An Emotional Mind directs and gives a strong fuel, but other minds also participate and according to that, their distortions affect the Mind in general and thereby affect the very manifestation of the Life Force. The Life or the Sexual force GOES THROUGH ALL THE MINDS, because all the minds are a manifestation of the WITNESS within life, within matter.
If we throw out the word “sexual”, we’re left with the word Force or Life Force, which is of the same quality of Energy as Awakeness. Therefore, only Awakeness can sense and work with the sexual force. It is an inner and an outer flow of energy which supports the manifestation. Within the Teaching, the sexual act was purposely sanctified. Don’t forget that EVERY PART of the Teaching is VERY IMPORTANT for its application. The fact that many pseudo-teachings exclude the sanctity of sexual act says only about misunderstanding the wholeness of the Teaching. SANCTITY is a FEELING made in Emotional Mind with the aim of DIRECTING THE WHOLENESS OF MINDS and it is supported with the ACTIVE WITNESSING or with the WITNESS or with the CONSCIOUSNESS. This focuses the Sexual Force in the right direction, purifies the minds from distortions, gives a general motive (as a moving energy), directs the Three Forces in a specific way, reverses their working order, crystallizes energy into witnessing, gives a feeling of a whole or a wholeness which is needed to penetrate into the Highest State of Consciousness, because a part cannot enter that state, only a wholeness can.

It is usually thought that the work with sexuality includes the sexual act, i.e. that it is the most important part, but that is not true. It has been put on pedestal by those who manipulate with it the most. You are not sexual only when being with a partner. Also, this work doesn’t require sexual, physical stimulation. All of this is a rough way of working with the Sexual Force and thus, it doesn’t lead anywhere. I said that it is felt as a flow in you, although very few people can feel it. The flow you usually feel is during the sexual act or a sudden activation of sexuality within you. Don’t confuse sexuality with Sexual Force, it’s not the same. Sexuality is a manifestation of your minds, and Sexual Force is BEHIND THEM, for it is faster, stronger, more penetrating and more subtle than your minds. Sexuality is a Passive Force, Sexual Force is an Active Force. Minds are a Passive Force, Awakeness or Awareness is an Active Force. A man’s life is a Passive Force, Life or Sexual Force is an Active Force, etc.
When Sexual Force is brought down into the body and the mind, there is a feeling of widening of consciousness under the strong energetic charge that spreads few meters around you. It can be transferred to another person, it can be directed toward specific aspects of life, it can be directed toward the certain parts of mind, toward the feeling of wholeness, it can give an Affirmative Shock or Negation or Denying Shock, it can be directed toward maintaining Awakeness, toward additional crystallization of Awakeness, etc.

So-called Kundalini Shakti is often interpreted as Sexual or Life Force and almost everyone gives this Force a wrong meaning – in translation, Shakti means the Force. It is often explained as “coiled serpent” lying at the base of the spine and you think this is literal, or that the spine is literal. Also, often the movement of Prana through the physical and subtle body is explained as the movement of Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini has nothing to do with the spine as such, nor with the chakras, different pranayamas, or the moving of Prana, like in Shaktipat or giving the force to another. Because, what one usually does during Shaktipat is causing prana to move within you by a specific way he had learned. Kundalini is not prana. On our level, Kundalini is a Passive Force and if you understand what I said, you’re beginning to understand Kundalini Shakti. Its character is negative, as a Force it is Passive, its way is Negation, her activity is hypnotic and its character of manifestation is binding. To turn this Force into Affirmative, Positive, Confirming, Creative, etc. is a process which doesn’t have anything to do with what you’ve been told by manipulators. It is turning the WHOLE LIFE FORCE WITHIN YOU in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION FROM ITS NATURAL MOVEMENT. IT’S A FIGHT AGAINST THE NATURE AND THE MANIFESTATION OF THE ABSOLUTE, a fight against the direction from the Absolute to the edge of creation. It’s a negation of manifestation and its recreation. Since manifestation is done simultaneously in every direction, it means exiting the passive state in which your purpose is given to you with the place you’re manifested in and re-creating your purpose in another direction of manifestation. A primitive explanation of Forces or Gunas in spiritual teachings has nothing to do with what I’m saying here. This idea was given to the people, so to say, who are obsessive with the Passive state, because they can’t understand the Active principles. Hence today’s spirituality doesn’t have this knowledge, for it doesn’t have a part which is able to understand it and therefore it has distorted small parts of this knowledge according to its own deviation – and many think that spirituality cannot be distorted, i.e. deviant (everything in this universe can be distorted and IS distorted in accordance with the goal of the universe). By studying the Law of Manifestation of the Absolute one sees distortion or deviation of forces and consequently understands why it is like that and why it is necessary. We can say that everything is Kundalini Shakti, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I will not tell you, for there are the ones who would misuse it for manipulating others, present it as their own knowledge, which is a kind of theft.

When working with Kundalini Shakti, Sexual Force, Life Force (which is one and the same at one level) it’s important to feel its character in a pure form, its course of movement, its manifestation within an individual mind; to feel the deviations of the minds, an intention of manifested part of a Being in its evolution in the so-called spiritual direction, to feel what kinds of forces it produces in us (I speak of Gunas), to study the minds – some need to be set right, some slowed down, some need to be speeded up, some thrown out, some recreated, some reconnected, etc. Where distortion occurs alternation is needed, which cannot be done without Awakeness, or at least without Awareness. In this way, the movement of evolution of a Being gets altered, deviation is stopped, wrong direction of involution stops, life direction and a way of life change, way of perceiving the world, self and others changes, etc.
Life force or Kundalini must be connected with the General Life Force – then we speak of manifestation of God’s Will. This connection is made by Being Born from the Above or by so-called awakening of a man. What is often left out when speaking of this is that the awakening can be partial, i.e. a part can be awakened while other parts are still asleep – “asleep” means undeveloped, atrophied, under the influence of distortion, of illusion, of attachment, etc. When a certain part of a man Awakens, it is very difficult to awaken other parts and, most often, a being gets back into the incarnation again to work anew in order to work it out. But, if an intelligent Work on Oneself preceded Awakening, then the transformation of the minds can continue further and the other parts of a man can be awakened too, the parts that were stagnant in this process. However, if the Work was only upon one mind, then it’s, most often, not possible.

To work with the Sexual Force, regularity is needed. The problem is that the majority thinks that it is literally a work with sexuality, but it is not. I explained the difference. The work with it is creative in its manifestation. If you are too passive, if you have too many negative emotions, constraints, attachments, misunderstandings, this kind of work will amplify it, unless you know how to avoid that. Kundalini Shakti has a strange “habit” of amplifying everything within you, whether it is good or bad, and thus enhances a certain movement be it good or bad. It’s nothing personal, because Kundalini is not personal, She doesn’t see you in accordance with your self-image or self-concept, She doesn’t aim to destroy you, nor to build you up, She doesn’t feel you as a beautiful and nice man, etc. She doesn’t have “good-bad” relation with you. She is creative which means that She amplifies and creates all that comes in Her path. That’s why many went mad, killed themselves, became destructive. Rare are the ones who turned Her course of movement in the right direction, i.e. used it for their awakening and for their evolutionary development and growth. Even when it destroys a man, Kundalini is still creative. This is a part you don’t understand, because you think of creation (affirmation, confirmation) as positive and vital emotions, but it has nothing to do with that. Positive and negative in the emotional sense don’t exist in Life Force or in Kundalini Shakti.
It is a constant, a destructive flow, which destroys, creates and maintains simultaneously and it’s felt like that when one comes into contact with it. It contains all possible extremes, because it descends into the world of extremes and into the mind of extremes and therefore we speak of purifying the minds, of preparing a man, of nonexistence of the so-called “good and evil”, for it has nothing to do with good and evil (these are extremes). Kundalini is a pure Active, Creative, Confirming Force which is not personal, but it contains other THREE FORCES as its MANIFESTATION. To understand this, the KNOWLEDGE OF FORCES is needed, but in spirituality, this knowledge was given in a very limited way. When speaking of three gunas, three forces, spirituality usually speaks about their static, unchangeable aspect. The Forces change places in EVERY MOMENT, under the influence of higher or lower forces, which are affected by the central forces of creation within Universe and you would be surprised how many forms they can take. We cannot know all of their forms, or all of Her forms, but we can know the ones concerning us. One part of this knowledge concerns two worlds that create our world by their actions. Higher and Lower world with their interaction as Forces create our world as a result. Forces from these worlds affect our world and its forces. And also, our world of forces affects and changes them. Remember: There is nothing useless in the Universe and everything serves one and only goal – the evolution of the Universe and the Absolute.

In the beginning it is necessary to study your own sexuality, to observe it, to feel it, to see its movements, to understand it. It must not be separated from the other parts of the Work on the other minds. And it all must be connected with the Awareness – I understand that there are other ways, but I’m not talking about them here. Sexuality should be observed differently from the ordinary. It must become SACRED, but not forcefully and not by imagining, but with the UNDERSTANDING. You must understand your own situation. Then you must “spend time” with this partial force within you and for this there is a number of ways and techniques. After that, you must learn how to direct this force. But if you are already aware of it, then you should direct it toward your higher parts, i.e. toward witnessing, awareness, awakeness. At the same time you should be aware which parts of the minds it awakens, how they act at that moment, where their distortions are; you should understand why you have these distortions and act in direction of their correction. When you are, at MOMENTS, able to feel this Force purely, without sexuality or without activation of the minds, then you will feel its destructive power – the word “destructive” doesn’t mean negative, but the power, the force, an uniqueness, an energy which is pure and without meanings, etc. You must FIND OUT what is your goal in life that concerns your evolution and then aspire to that goal ACTIVELY. Then the action of Kundalini Shakti (Life Force, Sexual Force) begins to reverse.
When you have reached that level you are to a large degree altered as a human being. And then you already KNOW WHAT KUNDALINI SHAKTI IS and you can no longer be fooled by the ones who tell you that they know. You can even have some fun with them. But, without negative motives behind, without negative emotions, accusations, feelings of insult, etc. For, the Force will understand these negative emotions AS YOURSELF, amplify them within you and therefore it will affect you, your life, your surroundings. You shouldn’t be infantile positive either, nor sentimental, pitying, moral, because that is the rigidity of the mind. YES for the conscience, NO for the morals.
If and when your Magnetism amplifies, you must not misuse it, because it’s the FIRE that destroys all on its way that is out of tune with it or with the Higher Forces. You must find a way to remain untouched by people, but still in touch with them. The skills you will be given by this Force must not be taken lightly. Their strength often destroys the one who uses them. Every part in you that resists, i.e. gets affected by the Passive Force, must be turned around, because it will create negative effects on you and your life – illnesses, accidents, deviations – and that is what happens to most. Under the influence of that Force you will become the Active Manifestation of Life or Kundalini Force (Shakti). It’s just a step, not the goal. You must go beyond that. If you become DRUNKEN by this state, you will imprison yourself again. This state shouldn’t get you DRUNK, but awaken you. This state of the Active Force should be seen clearly without projection, without fantasy (fantasy is harmful at this level) and you should DETACH from it as well and go toward its source.
There are few ways here: one way is that YOU KNOW what to do with it and the other is a way of Ideation as being two methods of its direction and use. The second way is the safest, and initially it means giving up your Will to the Highest. Later on it is turned into something else.

If you don’t consider yourself and your life as being SACRED then it is better not to play with these Forces. Whether you call it Sexual Force, Life Force or Kundalini Shakti, it’s all the same to Her, but the important thing is the meaning that you give to it. Your life is a WHOLENESS, no matter what kind. Maybe it’s a disunited wholeness NOW, but it’s a wholeness. You are here where you are. From that place you move forward. The less you lie to yourself the better.
If you understand this you will realize why you find sex tempting. But, you are being used by it, it is not your will. You are being used by Kundalini Shakti. You are being used by the universe. You are being used by the mechanisms of your personality. That is why you are under the influence of the Passive Force. You are not asked about anything. And that’s the first thing that you must change in your evolution – stop being USED and become the one who Actively Utilizes with the goal of evolution.
Beware, six eyes open when looking for an Evolutionary Teachings, for they are rare. You must become the RIGHT MAN and only then you will come across them. And then continue further intelligently.