blog-1The Work on Transformation is not possible unless there is SOMETHING which has the POWER (STRENGTH) to enable transformation as an AGENT. To transform something means to turn it into something else. To transform food means to turn the food we eat into a certain substance in the body useful both for the body and the mind. To transform air means to turn it by breathing into something that feeds the body cells and enables their work, their function. To transform an impression, an imprint, means to turn a certain perceived impression into something useful for consciousness, into something which enables its work, which gives it much greater energy than the one from air and food. Briefly, life doesn’t exist without transformation. Everything is transformation and it has two possible movements. Transformation of a higher substance into a lower; transformation of a lower substance into a higher. The whole life of the universe is one big transformation. Without it, the universe itself couldn’t exist, couldn’t appear and couldn’t maintain itself. The idea of Transformation is hidden right in the word “Work”. The Work is Transformation. The word “Work” originated from the Russian word Delo which was later on translated as “Work” in the West. This word refers to the ancient “Great Work” of the Alchemists or “Magnum Opus”, i.e. conversion of metal into gold. Of course, to convert something into gold, we must already have a certain amount of Gold. The same significance is in the word “Sadhana” which translated literally means “constant effort”. The effort in which direction? The effort in relation to what? The effort toward a certain state of consciousness that is above the current one. The effort in relation to lower state, to limited human perception and consciousness, to mental and bodily prison.

Whichever word we use to explain the inner evolution, each one speaks of transformation, of converting metal – limited human consciousness; mental and bodily prison; slavery; etc. – into gold.
The goal of each spiritual discipline is either transformation or transcendence. There is a common belief nowadays that spirituality is only transcendence, i.e. the word “transcendere” translated from Latin means “to go beyond the range”; to exceed the limits of consciousness, sensation or experience; it is that which is beyond experience. Transformation means “conversion, transmutation, metamorphosis, modification, transfiguration”, or changing a certain substance or state into another one with the help of a specific agent of transformation.
In this overall pseudo-spiritual environment, these two words that signify the inner evolution of a man are being used in a wrong way. Almost everyone in pseudo-spiritual systems uses these words by different meanings which always suite their limited opinions or what they like at the moment. By spiritual evolution most people usually mean only Transcendence, while they place Transformation into the domain of psychology or some similar disciplines. The narrowness is seen in the way of misunderstanding of what they mean, of what is their aim. None of them can explain it outside of the way their mechanical mind that’s under the influence of vital likes and dislikes, memorized, quoted and, of course, used those words.

The current place from which your aspiration comes can’t enable transformation nor transcendence. Though, the very definition of transformation might clarify misconceptions of the spiritual scene considering the inner evolution, provided that the part which is mistaken becomes recognized and known according to the frequently quoted spiritual misapprehension “know thyself”, without knowing what it means, without the knowledge of the other two Ideas from Delphi. Pseudo-spirituality tends to lie for it is a lie itself, because it originates from the lie with which a man is defined, identified, and that is his personality, False Personality. This is the so-called ego, as pseudo-spiritualists would say, without knowing the very meaning of the word “EGO”. Transformation within False Personality is possible, but it’s very limited and it doesn’t lead further than the spirituality you can see on various spiritual pages, groups, associations. It’s the same personality as it was before starting the Inner Path, but this time adjusted to spiritual phrases, ideas around which the whole so-called new personality, spiritual personality is built. And it is characterized by “spiritual ego”, as you wrongly name it. Spiritual Ego is the so-called ego focused on the specific spiritual ideas, built around the so-called spiritual ideas. Personally, I would call it False Spiritual Personality, because it appears within and around False Personality. But, I don’t believe that you would know what I’m saying, for you don’t even know what the “ego” is. On the other hand, the one with the Ego is the one who achieved very high inner evolution. Such people you know, but you don’t know and don’t see their Ego. Simply because their Ego surpasses your small miserable “egos” by which you judge someone else or do your whole pseudo-spirituality. When pseudo-spirituality speaks of the transformation of “ego”, it speaks about so-called cosmic consciousness and that wouldn’t be a problem if you knew what “cosmic consciousness” was. If you knew that then you would get to “know yourself”. Then you would know that what you are, what you are studying spirituality from is not what can have cosmic consciousness. Personality and all its derivatives cannot have Cosmic Consciousness. In this way, the idea of Transcendence momentarily gets wasted if you do your so-called spiritual work or sadhana with False Personality.

To achieve at least the first level, the most basic level of the inner evolution, what is needed is a certain detached state from what you’re identified with, from what you are in this moment. Personality. Transition into the Cosmic Consciousness is not possible if you’re not detached from identifications with yourself, your likes and dislikes, your mental constructions, attitudes and concepts, especially from concepts of yourself as a consequence of the unconscious concept of self in the background of the process. Personality is built by the concept of self which appears in the unconscious and the subconscious concepts of self as the foundation of every process of personality, process of life, process of relations and such. The basic concept of self is your feeling of Existence which is defined with what you Are in every moment. That what you are in every moment, regardless of sounding very Advaita-istically spiritual, is not that which can go through Transcendence, but it can begin the Transformation. After all, you understand Advaita in a very limited manner, because today’s idea of Advaita has been degraded for ages and it doesn’t mean anything nor can it give you a complete transcendence and transformation – Advaita itself has a few versions of manifestation of that teaching, but nowadays this is almost unknown. The idea of a man achieving union with Cosmic consciousness – of which he has no idea, nor do his concepts about it lead him toward it – is the foundation for pseudo-spirituality. Why? Well, simply because False Personality or that which is sometimes called Pseudo-personality cannot have a single right concept that could enable Transcendence. To go BEYOND the feeling of True I or True Self or True I Am(ness) means to go beyond any concept of self, beyond the concept of personality and life built upon it. To make that possible, a man must pass through the basic Transformation, i.e. with the help of consciousness within him (gold) and its increment (to increase consciousness means to collect specific substance that boosts the crystallization of consciousness and as well expands it) he transforms metals (personality and its processes; concepts of self and the foundational self-concept) into gold. To begin the process of Transformation one needs to BE AWARE, to observe everything about himself, every concept, every idea, belief, mental and vital (emotional) state and APPLY the IDEAS of the teaching on everything one realizes regarding oneself. That is the BASIC AND the FIRST step in any Authentic Work, Authentic Spirituality. What occurs as a consequence is what we sometimes call ENERING HELL, but this time we are entering it consciously, in contrast to the unconscious hell you are already in. Hell is nothing but the confusion within you, confused states and concepts, different wills and “I”s. And to get out of Hell you must have the help of an Angel. Angel IS AN IDEA in Esoteric Teaching that helps you to Transform yourself – and “self” is your pseudo-personality (false-personality).
As I said, we must already have a certain amount of Gold if there is going to be Transformation. And that is the part in us which can Observe and which can also be DETACHED from what it observes. The whole idea of Transformation is based on this as the foundation of the inner evolution. That which can observe is not yet that which has a possibility for Transcendence, but it is a way of acquiring a sufficient amount of substance which MAY and CAN be transcended.
If we understand Transcendence in the right way, then we know that it is something Beyond Experience. The expression “beyond experience” is interesting itself and it points to the problem of transcendence. I won’t interpret it for you and I’m almost 100% sure of your wrong interpretation, because everything you read and accept in spirituality is unconsciously, with your superficial mind with whom YOU MUST NOT accept spiritual information. If there is a small amount of the substance which we will transcend, then transcendence is limited and often followed by a wrong working of the mind which remains after transcendence. This is obvious with many good Masters, and even more obvious with pseudo-masters around us.

In order to enable that which is Beyond Mind, Beyond Experience, one needs to be detached from what belongs to this planet and planetary system. Which is the human mind. As long as there is a part within us attached to mental and experiential, the transcendence is not possible, and by that I mean complete transcendence. Partial transcendence is possible and visible in many Masters. That which didn’t go through Transformation remained outside of Beyond-Experiental, unaffected by the Beyond-Mind, thus remained untransformed and least of all transcended.
The substance that we create with the help of the one already present must be increased and turned into the conscious center within us. In other words, in words of pseudo-spirituality and its wrong interpretation, YOU MUST CREATE AN EGO, because you don’t have it. You must create a PART in yourself which is “not of this world” and transform all that you had come to know as yourself with that part (know thyself). What serves this is an almost BLIND adherence to the Ideas of the Teaching, for they crystallize that very part in you and eventually enable transcendence itself. To have an Ego means to have something within you unaffected by what pertains to the processes of the mind, to the concepts of self, to experiental and mental. Because, the word EGO means ONE I, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.
To have One I is already the Awake State or what they would call little “enlightenment” in the East. For that I is not of the mind, but it ENTERS the mind. It’s not of the experience, but it ENTERS the experience. It’s not of the senses, but it ENTERS the senses. And thus you already have that which can survive, that which can be transcendental. This DOESN’T trust senses, mind, processes, concepts and it is the true I Am which appears as a manifestation of the True Nature, cleansed of mental and self-concepts, or, to make it sound more mystical, cleansed of descending influence of the Forces or the Gunas. A bit more mystical: This True I is Arjuna. This True I is Christ. This True I is Mohamed, etc. And it is IDENTICAL TO GOD, Absolute, Highest Consciousness, but at the same time it KNOWS that although it is equivalent to That, That (GOD, Absolute, Highest Consciousness) is greater than it (True I). 

Transformation is not a psychological discipline, because ordinary psychology doesn’t change the CAUSE of personality, but personality itself. Many pseudo-spiritualists simply switch personalities according to which one they like more, which one suits their False idea of the self (self-image; conceptual I; self-concept). Just as Transcendence is not what its advocates have. Spiritual Discipline is not Sensory discipline, it is not a mental discipline, it is not an “I like it” discipline. It is something far from all this. And its first and the most basic level is CREATING something within us – which we already have (gold) – as the way of transforming that which attaches us to the objects of attachment. Therefore, the path of transformation is also called the Great Work, or just the Work, which is wrongly understood. The Work upon oneself is the Supreme Work of transformation and transcendence. One without the other is limited and insufficient. Ideas of the Teaching, as the Right Concept, properly enable and give the possibility for transformation. That which aims to become free from the humanly chains must transform poison into nectar, metal into gold, mortal into immortal.
The entire Teaching must bring a man to the possibility of TRANSFORMATION of the PERSONALITY. To achieve that, one must learn how to TRANSFORM the IMPRINT or the IMPRESSION. And to be able to do so, one must TRANSFORM the concept of himself, but that cannot be done as long as he is attached to himself, to his mind, to sensory, the experiential, the personal. When that what he is NOW gets free from experiential, then that what he THEN is becomes Transcendental. All that remains under the influence of personality – and many parts of a man will not be transformed and therefore won’t be transcended unless he enters them CONSCIOUSLY – will pull a man down into sensory, experiential and will not enable the Beyond-Mind to descend into him. It’s exactly the same as with pseudo-ideas of raising the Kundalinii Shaktii and ignoring the fact that after its rising it MUST be brought down. In the same way, those who advocate the idea of Kundalinii Shaktii don’t know that it’s a “foundational Force of negativity” and least of all know what that means. To turn this Force into the positive Force is not possible without Transformation of this Force (negative force), just as it’s not possible to turn it into the Neutral Force without Transcendence (of the positive force). When that Force wakes up in a man, without being transformed as a foundational force of negativity, what follows is a falling apart of human psyche, his coherency, his True I, which results in diseases, disasters, negative character of his mind – here the words “negative”, “positive” and “neutral” don’t mean what the mind and what you think they mean. These are not negative emotions and this is not their shifting to positive emotions as it is said in the pseudo-spirituality, for those are misinterpreted terms of the Esoteric Teaching that hadn’t been publically interpreted. These terms talk about foundational feeling that is defined with Forces or Gunas, just as it is said that a man is manifested Tamo-guna (resistance, inertia, laziness, negativity, static nature, false, pseudo, etc.), i.e. foundational negative force, just as the very meaning and signification of the word Kundalinii Shaktii.

To create the Internal Center of Gravity means to create something within us that is separated (detached) from the processes and the concepts of self or separated from the foundational mind. This something gets developed by the very crystallization of consciousness within us, with the help of the mind’s previously acquired “power” to observe itself. That what can observe is the work of acquired crystallization of consciousness through the processes of incarnation from the stone (crystal), over the animal, to the man. And the quantity of that substance which is measurable with TIME – for time is a universal substance manifested with the flow (flow of time is often symbolically shown as the Goddess Kalii in Tantra) – determines whether you are a man, an animal, a plant or a crystal. If you want to move on to the next level of manifestation, you need a certain amount of that substance by which you also get new CENTERS of CONSCIOUSNESS, i.e. centers of the manifestation of Consciousness, which Gurdjieff would call Higher Emotional and Higher Intellectual Center, someone else would call it Arjuna and Krishna, others – Christ and God, etc. And maybe you would call it Love of Christ and Love of God. There are many symbolic terms under which this Knowledge is hidden.
In the beginning, center of Gravity is being developed around the Ideas of the Teaching and it is very important that these Ideas are understood CORRECTLY, because, when misunderstood, they turn into pseudo-teaching, pseudo-spirituality, for that which understood them wrongly is pseudo-personality or pseudo-I. The work on acquiring crystallization of this Inner center is the beginning of the right Transformation which is based upon Consciousness and rightly transmitted Ideas of the Teaching. That is the Fight for oneself, the fight for transformation, the fight for what’s inside us, but is invisible to the others.

For example, the Idea of human Mechanicalness – it’s the idea which should become your reality in the beginning, the way you perceive all around you and within you. Since it’s much easier to see the things around you, you begin with this process. The important thing is to REMEMBER this Idea and to learn to THINK from this Idea while it is being directed towards that which is sensory, experiential, mental and bodily inside and outside of a man. That which directs this idea is what is Invisible within you which is Consciousness, being OUTSIDE and INSIDE of the mind at the same time. It is detached from what it interprets, sees, observes, realizes and by this IT gradually becomes crystallized with the help of THIS idea.
The idea: that which you observe IS NOT YOU. The idea of YOU being an Observer is the next one and all of them are simultaneously focused on each other.
Explained: everything I know (see, feel, do as a movement, think, etc.) is mechanical, automatic, outside of my will (which is witnessing), everything I perceive around and within me IS NOT me (the witness which knows he’s not sensory but BEYOND the EXPERIENCE), for I AM that what Observes, the one who is Witnessing.
It is to THINK, KNOW, APPLY the Idea of the Teaching which is basic, foundational to all the other ideas.

***to be continued***