a07bb170c4a36161aa1f8f4859c19794_xlMan cannot do – this was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn in the Work and is the toughest one to teach others. This idea is something everyone keeps repeating but without any deeper understanding of the “doing” process, without understanding of what it means or why it is a fact, why it is true. One hears the idea about “not doing” and then rejects it or accepts it superficially, without trying to understand this idea, this fact. Understanding something means going beyond convictions and attitudes you unconsciously hold and trying to LIVE with a certain idea for a longer period of time; realizing the ways in which this idea is connected with the world around and with yourself. You will say that man aims to do. I will agree, on condition that you yourself are most probably not the one who is able to do because you don’t even know what it means. My words will offend you for I have just negated you as a human being, yet you won’t realize that becoming offended is something that happened to you. It happened in accordance with all of your identifications and it happened precisely because you were not present, because you cannot decide (act, do) not to react. And this is where our communication comes to an end. In some other scenario you might think that what I’ve said is something mystical and you will try to figure out what is it I am testing you about, what am I hiding, or if I am teasing you, tricking you or whatever.

In a third scenario you will consult astrologers, gurus, read books wherein you will search for a confirmation or a disapproval of the idea and that will be it. But you won’t examine it, you won’t make an effort to verify whether what I have said is a fact or not. Obviously, you will find something which confirms or negates this fact (doing), but you won’t find out what it really means. The reason why you can’t find confirmation even in the places where it can be found is because you’re unable to understand what you were told, what has been written. Furthermore, you cannot understand all that is connected with this fact nor can you see the whole of the teaching and its ideas – together with the part which is connected with the whole – in this case with the inability to do.

Facts needs to be verified, every man for himself. Books, talks and words of those who know something can only give us direction, most often a direction about what it is not, rather than what it is. The truth about doing is revealed by examining the information from the teaching and by examining yourself in daily life using the ideas of the teaching. Man is mechanical, he is a machine responding to the pressure from an outside situation, from his surroundings, others. Man himself is a response to those pressures and to the pressures from within, which are not separated from the outside pressures. Life is a reflection of man’s level of being, and by extension, the inner life which you call yourself, your soul, is a reflection of the level of being, of its level of consciousness and evolution. If you wish to understand a single part of the teaching you need to have a complete “picture”: an idea of the teaching needs to be examined through everything that you have learned so far, if you learned anything, and in this case it is the idea that man cannot do, cannot act.

To man everything happens, even his feeling of “I” is not really his but comes about through the working of the gunas, forces. There are some parts of the teaching that a man cannot yet verify, or is unable to understand, but he can check those ideas which are accessible to him and connect them with the knowledge he had acquired so far. The idea of (not)doing is tied in with a few levels of the teaching, on the lowest level with man’s mechanicalness, with his reactive momentum in which he ALWAYS stands as a reaction to his surroundings, to others or his internal conflicts. Even when he hears about the idea that a man cannot do, he reacts, and all that he “does” in this case is trying to prove that he indeed can, not realizing that this is precisely the reason he is unable to do. He did not see himself, did not see the mechanics behind it all and did not realize that every reaction he has is reacting exactly to what he had just heard – about not being able to do. The damage is done and all that follows is under the influence of this initial error which he “did” mechanically, unconsciously, that is – which happened to him.

To us everything happens, and those happenings make us feel that they are happening to us, that there is some “I” to which things happen, some “I” that will resolve the problem or situation it founds itself in. This is impossible. This is the illusion you live in, the illusion you don’t see and don’t wanna see because seeing it is devastating for a man. Yet in each defeat lies next step, a way out. In case a glimmer of hope is not what appeared in you as a reaction upon reading this, and if you examine what I have just said, you acquire the possibility of realizing what this means and where to find the way out. The way out lies in one who is able to hear and observe, witness, in one who needs to come in place of personality which is a manifestation of your deep program.

When you ask “what can I do” and the reply is “nothing” within the crack lies a possibility, but you can’t see it because there is no consciousness to see it. All there is is a part hurt by the fact, a part wishing to break out from the impotence it feels, a part that doesn’t like this idea, etc. And it’s not even one and the same part but at least three separate parts of you, if not more.  That which is able to do something is not yours and is not you. It is a part which exists in you naturally but it is not developed, it has no strength. It has to be developed in a conscious way, it has to be strengthened. All spiritual ideas about it are mere nonsense in the shop of spiritual wonderland. Lies, manipulation, commerce. If you can’t admit to yourself that you like the lie, that what you want is not the truth but the lie which suits you and which you will call truth – you won’t make it. If you can’t see that you want to be manipulated in the same way that you want to manipulate others, you won’t make it. And if you can’t realize that you’re buying and selling and are being bought and sold within spirituality, you won’t make it. Why? The answer is clear – because you are mechanical, you cannot do and you don’t want to see this fact, what you want is a pleasant dream.

Lies, manipulation, commerce all start within you and then reflect on the outside; on your life situation, friends, work, partner, relationships, etc. It happens simply because being, whose projection you are, is not sufficiently developed. You can’t examine the being’s development directly but you can realize it by examining the consequence, which will confirm the truth of this. Being merely wishes to sleep, and all that being does, even when in spirituality, all that being creates it attracts according to the impulse extending from it – which is a dream. If, by some lucky strike, being would want to Do, from this very moment it would start researching, examining, confronting – with this aim inside, the aim which it would manifest through itself.
We cannot Do because we are asleep, mechanical, because the forces do in our stead, because we don’t want to make the effort that would lead to Doing, because we don’t accept ourselves, we fear ourselves, we don’t want to leave the dream, we’re inert and lethargic – and yet confronting all of this, fighting for oneself is what the tantric teaching is all about. It’s about fighting for the self as being, as a manifestation of the Higher. When confronted with this fact man feels suffering but doesn’t identify with it, rather, he realizes what all of this means, where the way out is to be found, if there is one, whether he as he is can find the way out, whether his wish for a way out is real or a product of fear, impotence – and according to his resolve he springs into action.

He starts acting according to what he had resolved? How is it that someone who doesn’t exist is able to start acting, since he doesn’t exist he cannot do – and action is doing – and how is it that one is able to decide upon something if everything happens to him? Did you ask yourself this after you read the sentence?

If not, go back to the beginning of the text and see which parts of you are manipulated, which parts are false, which parts want to trade. Therein lies the answer to the impotence of seeing. A long work on oneself is needed in order for a man to be able to Do, and Doing, Acting is not what is usually implied by those terms. When consciousness is sufficiently developed man starts realizing what is it that “does”, how it “does” and why is it so, and he knows how to bring himself to Doing, Acting. Not before that.
For a man who wishes to Be and Do a reaction in which he wants to spring into action momentarily, or to fall into inertia – cannot and mustn’t be accepted. If he embarks on an “action” without understanding he falls into abyss of powerlessness. If he falls into inertia, as many do, he ends up in an abyss. He needs to know how to connect with the thing in himself that has the ability to Do, to Act. And that is witnessing, the observer that needs to be brought in front of the personality, in front of the body, life, in front of the part that is perceiving life. This is the first and foremost step. All succeeding observing and learning, needs to come AFTER THIS STEP, in accordance with it and with the goal he aspires to. He needs to find what is true in himself, what is freed from the false, manipulative, corruptible (commercial). Only when he recognizes himself in this true part which is connected with the observer he starts the process of de-personalization, of making conscious that which is mechanical in him – and with this step he is connecting himself with something Higher which in time acquires the possibility to Do. Obviously, this Doing won’t be what he imagines Doing to be at the moment, for that is not Doing. But through the process of learning he will learn what Doing is, how it comes about and why, what is its purpose etc.

Doing or Acting is the true power of a Fully Liberated man, and it begins on the level of an Awake Man. In order to Do anything a man must stop doing everything that is not in accordance with it, and learn what he can „do“ in order to reach that state capable of „doing“.

The question is, does he exist? Or is there something else which is mastering over his mind and body while giving him the impression that he himself is doing it, that he is an “I” wishing to Do, wishing to change something?