tumblr_nncxc0xdnw1svefdfo4_500A word we can translate as fantasy, make-belief, the ability to conceive, picture or imagine something. It is often thought of as something positive in the sense of mental creativity, as a type of imagining which is emotionally enriching and enabling creation. Also, man boasts with his imaginative ability and because of this he is blind to its damaging effects. The usefulness of imagination is in its power of conceiving, of directing the emotions in a profound way in conjunction with the mental abilities, whereby imagination has the power of creating, it becomes creative – provided that the man is not under control of the Force of Imagination. When a certain force or a habit controls us, we are under its control. When we are the one controlling the force or a habit, we are its master and it is unable to put us under its control. In order for something to be put under control there has to be something else which is freed from control – and this is precisely what Unconditioned Consciousness is.

The core essence of the force of Imagination, and of many other things, is Kundalini Shaktii. When in a state of dormancy it is she (Kundalini Shaktii) that keeps us asleep, conditioned, she enables the Force of Imagination to convince us of certain qualities, of a certain state of affairs whether in the external or in the internal world. She is the source of self-lying, unconsciousness, of giving significance to the world and to ourselves, the source of our conditionality, of our inability to remember ourselves and to free ourselves from all that is controlling us. All our justifications, all ideas that we are somehow exempted, and the like, have their source in her. Kundalini Shaktii is the Force of Unconsciousness, the Force which pulls a man away from himself. She is precisely that which is keeping you imprisoned.

On the other hand, Kundalinii has the power of awaking, setting a man free, placing the keys of liberation into his hands, awakening him to become an Objective Being. As long as she keeps Consciousness locked in with beliefs, as long as Consciousness is not at least partially liberated from this Force, it remains the Force which keeps us imprisoned. She is the source of pain and suffering, of fear and tension. She is the source of self-forgetfulness, of orientating toward things which distance us even further from ourselves. Even Awareness itself is the very Force of Kundalinii Shaktii. This Force can be turned to a man’s benefit, but most of the techniques given are not particularly safe and are carrying the seeds of deviation from the path. That is why very few people manage to put the Force of Kundalini under control. There are other means for putting it under control and struggle against Imagination is one of them.

In order for there to be a struggle against Imagination in the first place, the first and foremost is to become conscious of – to bring consciousness down into or to introduce consciousness into – Imagination, the same Imagination influencing us, and this is the hardest of tasks. Imagination or make-belief, or Fantasy is all that you know, all to which you have given certain meaning – all the ideas, things or events to which you have given meaning in accordance with Identity, which is itself a product of the force of Imagination. You cannot fight that which created you for you would be fighting the very Creator. In its pure source the Force of Imagination is the Creative Force, ParaShaktii creating three different Shaktiis which in turn create the Universe we know, or barely intuit. Parashaktii means Eternal unlimited Power. Shaktii signifies a certain active Power which can be seen as the Gunas, the Forces of Creation. In the Puranas Parashaktii creates Purusha and Prakrtii, the Seed of Consciousness and the Energy or The Nature of manifestation, but right now this is beside the point.

All the meaning that the world holds for us is the Illusion herself, the Maya. Maya is not an illusion in the sense that the world doesn’t exist or that the screen you are looking at isn’t there, but that the meaning and purpose you have given it is non-existent. That meaning doesn’t have reality – which means that it’s unable to exist without you or others who share this attitude or idea, who are imagining it in the same way. If a thing doesn’t exist, then exists for a while and finally ceases to exist – it has no Reality. Time is one of the symbols of decay and illusion, the illusion of permanence of things; events, people, the universe. This is why it is said that your Mind and body are not real, that they are imagination, an illusion pulled over your eyes, and the eyes are Consciousness. It is from here that the symbolism of the third eye comes from, as seen in all those statues or images of Devatas, Deities and Goddesses. This symbolism has nothing to do with what most spiritual teachings say. Your Consciousness, the so called “third eye” is being covered with the Illusion of Ignorance. In this sense, Ignorance means that you  don’t have the real meaning of things, the world, the universe or of yourself, and that you are ruled by the Force of Maya which is holding you in her claws. Ignorance of this is the Force of Imagination herself.

It is the force of Imagination that provides you with the meaning of things, provides the meaning you ascribe to yourself, convinces you of various types of values or worthlessness in the world, both the outside world and the one within. She is the source of lying to oneself what’s more, within Esoteric teaching Imagination is often interpreted as Lying to oneself. Your specialness or egotism is the very force of Imagination. Your self-image is the force of Imagination. Whenever you talk about something of which you have no experience of your own that’s Lying, that’s the Force of Imagination. Whenever you fantasize about something you would, or would not like to happen – it is Lying, and due to this, the Force of Imagination.

The meaning you gave, or the meaning you took away from something – is the Force of Imagination. Gods and goddesses you bow to are themselves Imagination. Thoughts, emotions, vital movements, all are under the Force of Imagination. Your partner is a projection of your Imagination, and due to this, of your Self-lying. I could go on, but I’m gonna stop myself here, a word to the wise is enough to embark on self-exploration.

Imagination is the means of keeping you under control. It has the ability to implant into you, by way of any medium and in a purely Imaginary fashion, precisely that which “they” or the controllers want you to believe. In other words, to make you imagine, fantasize about something whether in a positive or in a negative manner, to make(your)-belief, to make you conceive an image of something based on something which is itself the Force of Imagination. Thus, in most cases your Teaching is Imagination too. This is the “final blow” for, the very thing which is supposed to liberate you is itself the Force of Imagination – functioning because it can also be found within you, because, for the most part, you are it. Awakening, Cosmic Love, the Ideas you entertain – all of this is Kundalinii Shaktii herself, and in her unawakened state she produces the Force of Imagination. The most direct way of confronting this Force begins with a simple “trick”, so to say.

“The trick is to arrive at a conviction, or a conclusion that everything you know, starting with yourself and right up to the world, the universe – is simply Imagination, Fantasy, Make-belief, an Imagined reality – which has nothing to do with Real Reality. This is the first step. The second step is to soberly and objectively question everything that you know, everything you are convinced of, all of your ideas, thoughts, emotions, the physical reality. Also, to question the Meanings you have given to the world, or perhaps took away from it or from yourself. The third step is to believe nothing until you had been assured of it on your own. Most of all – not to believe that which says it will Liberate you, for, Liberation may be the biggest trap you can fall into.

The fourth step is to stop Lying to yourself. I’m not saying you should stop lying to other people, like at work or to a policeman asking if you had reported the change of residence.  This does not matter. He is a product of Lie in the same way as the other people and the world around you is, which is why they cannot understand Truth and Honesty. Also, even if you are being honest to them they won’t believe you, for deep inside they all know that they lie and that they are a product of lie. I am talking about you. If you wish to approach the possibility of the Path to yourself STOP lying to yourself, stop this rampant fantasizing, imagining.
The fifth step is to start the process of becoming Aware. Become aware of everything you were lying to yourself about, of the things you were telling yourself in order to suffer less. Then, become aware of that which induces Suffering for this Suffering is also a product of Lie. That’s why we often call it False Suffering. The sixth step is in discovering what is it that you really know, what is your real experience. Not what you have heard, read, what you have been told etc, but solely THAT which YOU YOURSELF really know. Prepare for defeat if you decide for this step. Because, what you really know fits into half a page. It is precisely in this type of sobering up that the Power of turning this Force around for your own benefit lays, the Power to turn around the Working of Saincara – which is acting on Kundalinii Shaktii making it the thing that keeps you in the claws of Dream. Imagination is the Dream itself.”

Many volumes of books might be written on Imagination, but that’s not the point since such Knowledge would not be your own. It would be Information – used by Imagination for her own purpose! Thus, this Knowledge is dangerous. Only that Knowledge which became you yourself, knowledge based on Experience and sealed with Crystallized Consciousness has the power to liberate you from Imagination, has the power to turn around Kundalinii Shaktii i.e. initiate the process of Her awakening. Awareness which is crystallizing Consciousness is the Process of Kunadalinii Shaktii’s awakening; it is one of the means of her awakening. It is only when she is filled with Consciousness that she leads to Liberation. Remember though, being Awake doesn’t mean being Liberated. In the process of Realization Kundalinii Shaktii needs to be brought down where once again she would fill the world, as she had been filling it before, only this time in a Conscious state – and then Liberation sets in. Otherwise she may still be the source of immense Self-deception.