What does this have to do with me? (On Perception)

photo_2020-02-10_08-45-18We don’t possess a single proof about anything. What we have are beliefs and assumptions. All our evidence is but speculation we believe to be true. We cannot prove, only assume. Our whole world is in our head. All the senses and sensory evidence are within the brain. Brain perceives and contains all that we see, hear, touch etc. The only thing we know is our perception of something – of a table in front of us, a man in front of us, the earth (though we don’t know even this), or some universe we are in. If we turn perception off, say we turn off the senses with some chemical substance, we turn off the mind which perceives through the senses, and sometimes we even turn off the working of organs when it’s possible that the body “stops working”. The feeling of body, the feeling in the body is only an impulse of the nervous system. If we turn off the work of the nervous system, again with some substance, we will not feel the body. Assumption is everything and with it, or behind it, stands a belief about self, life, surroundings. Continue reading