Meaning and Significance

photo_2020-06-25_10-31-34The entire so-called reality around us is a created reality. Off course, we cannot be aware of this as long as we are a part of it. In other words, as long as our perception is a part of reality, we cannot know that reality is created, staged. We realize this only when our perception separates from reality, from the level where we are. Everything within the created reality aims to appear as the truth, but that very aim of appearing as truth IS NOT the truth. It is just another lie, illusion, idea, a belief about lie, illusion, idea. Whenever I give significance to something within me, I strive to make it appear as if that thing is the truth. I gave significance to it, which is the truth of significance, not the truth itself – but I am unable to see this since I am created by significance I gave, whether positive or negative. As long as I am unaware that it is nothing but significance, I am that significance, that very “reality”. In the moment when I do see it and KNOW, the potential of significance gets reduced, disappears, or starts waning (which doesn’t mean it will completely disappear, unless we play it out to the end.) The moment in which I know that it is nothing more than significance I gave is the moment of awareness, awakening, the moment in which I realize that in itself, that thing has no meaning or significance, that I am the one who gave them. But up until that moment I will defend meaning and significance, protect and build them. Death or disappearance of a certain reality means that I have removed all meaning and significance from it. Continue reading