photo_2020-08-14_08-38-31I have often wondered why do people try to get back into contact with me? What do they seek when they stalk me, try to reach me after I removed them from my life? Then, due to an exercise I got from someone I am working with, it hit me.
They seek ATTENTION. I denied them my attention, and with attention, I denied them value, meaning, acceptance etc. Here I am not talking about those people I intentionally hurt, people with whom I played a game after noticing they were not what they present themselves to be, or after realizing I don’t want to have anything to do with them due to their character. I am talking about the people I cut off through no fault of their own; I had no quarrel with them, I wasn’t mad at them, I didn’t have reactions to them. We simply weren’t on the same wavelength. I removed people like this many times in my life, often during an internal crossroad. Continue reading