The Foundations of the Work I: Keep Watch – Know Thyself

1aede5ceb04f235703a5e6b6f1cb3b89Getting to know yourself, in accordance with the idea “know thyself”, begins with acknowledgement that man doesn’t know himself, that he has by far more unconscious fragments and thoughts (fantasies) of knowing himself, that these fragments are scattered and without clear and readable structure or wholeness of the structure of that which he calls “himself”. If someone asks him whether he knows himself, he will say he does, but on closer examination he will become confused, powerless to say anything about himself, to integrate it in a certain way as the “body of himself”. In the end he will realize that he never knew himself and that a thought of knowing himself is just a buffer serving him to never get to know himself. Here is another buffer – he thinks that the idea “know thyself” is about imaginary self as his true and authentic nature. There is no such self, it is an imagination, for it is based on the fact that he imagines some mystical, authentic self, some emptiness or fullness, or divinity, or atma, but he himself has no knowledge of that, no real apprehension, nor will he ever get to know it. That which he gets to know as a “real self” will have no similarity with projection or imagination he had before. Continue reading