Changing Oneself; Internal Transformation

Aim_Thorkildsen_red_black“THE FIRST STEP in reaching the goal is the resolve not to remain where you are now.”

To many people the truth is obvious, regardless of its kind and level. But even though it’s obvious the truth remains forgotten, hidden, covered with a veil of self-forgetfulness. How come? What makes this truth, confirmed by nodding and felt joyfully for a moment – so quickly forgotten?

The whole idea of any teaching is the change of man’s internal position; the change of his perception; the point from which he views life and himself; the change of his way of living and understanding himself in the whole process from birth till death. This idea, however obvious, is not what the lovers of “truth” and “spirituality” actually live, it’s not what they practice. This fact is thrown in my face every day while working with people. I often think about what is it that stops a man from applying the ideas of the teaching, what is it that stops him from changing, from living by the principles which lead into what we would call “a higher life”, “a different perception”, “an internal change”. I am able to explain every process in a man, to see it clearly and sharply, yet I lack the ability to change the state of this same man – for each state that is born in a man, which exists and persists in him is under his own domain, so to say. It is the responsibility of this same man, the one stuck in himself, stuck in perception which characterises and defines him while providing him with the life he has. Also, it’s clear to me why a man is unable to change, and who is the one who is able to, and by this clarity, by this truth I am protected both from myself and from others. In this process of seeing I realize the facts which keep a man in place, which prevent him from moving. There is a series of facts which determine what he is, making it impossible for him to do anything, although he may be convinced that he is, in fact, able to change. When I am asked to define those facts to someone who is interested in changing, or is at least interested in assuring me of it, I realize that – that which seeks these facts is not that which is able to apply them, is not able to change under the influence of the ideas and facts I may present. Continue reading