Post-Mortem Pathology of Spirituality / Positive-Negative Attitude / Emotions

5f0c0574841763cf772f168f292152e6Within what we call spiritual we have an opportunity to see – if we have critical awareness – different attitudes, beliefs, concepts, ideas that revolve around us in that which we call spiritual, religious or esoteric concept (which we confuse with the path, the pathway, the teaching). They may seem logical, we may like or even dislike them, some we tested and proven for ourselves, but there are those that we accept because we don’t know how to think, how to feel or how to question certain concepts and teachings that we take because specific parts in us agree with them, because they correspond to the conditioning of our mind that we have declared conscious, awake, critical, upright, righteous, etc. Many ideas and concepts that circulate the spiritual world and market (esoteric, religious) have certain logic (although spiritual world and market hate reason and logic the most without understanding that it is a way to shut down their critical mind and to be sold just about anything as spiritual), while the majority cannot justify this logic. When I say logic I do not mean clear, pure, direct critical consciousness that knows the laws, facts, hierarchy of spiritual truths and mastery nor consciousness that knows stages or levels under which specific law, principle, truth and knowledge have its own value, possibility, potential. What I mean is ordinary daily logic by which intellect would justify its existence and its level of development and do the job for which it is made for, instead of thinking of these ideas and beliefs in a vital way, as he likes, as it suits him, throwing them away if he does not like them or if they cannot fit in his life concept and his own self-image. Continue reading