Debt and Indebtedness

debt-freeVery often, in the back of our unconscious mind, we feel that someone owes us something; that he is obliged to give us a certain teaching, guidance, a point in the right direction. It is an unconscious feeling that the world owes us something; that society owes it to us; that others are obliged to respond to our needs, demands, expectations, hopes, conditionings. This belief is deeply embedded into all our relationships: with partners, parents, surroundings, friends, society; with the teaching and our Master as well. We rarely second-guess this feeling. Yet it is always present. When we talk to someone we expect he is obliged to listen to us; when we give something to someone we expect that he is forever in our debt and “much obliged”. In short, we feel owing a debt very often. It grows stronger if it concerns something we evaluated as crucial, existential. That is when we sense owing the most.  Continue reading