It’s not me, it’s my Schauma

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stilldreamingThe basic aim of each man is to be in a balanced state. No matter how one imagines balance and what it means to him, each man seeks it. This aim for balance comes from the forces which create the entire universe, man included, and from the intention, the central aim to restore the primeval balance which existed before the very impulse for creation, expression, manifestation. Every force aims for its own balance or the balance of sub-forces within a certain force or guna. In the manifestation of forces, while they are working together i.e. while being driven by their natures, each force oversees a certain aspect of creation. Each force provides a certain state or sub-state while the latter two use the state of the former. In other words, all three forces use the products of one another; they use the aspects of each force in their own work. Continue reading