The Mark of the Beast

image3I was sitting and observing what they call the Mark of the Beast, listening to the words of scared people on my left that were speaking about the Mark of the Beast, globalization, debt slavery, about downfall of the world as we know it. I was listening what they were talking about and watching them while they were using their cell phones, digging in the bags of the greatest and most expensive fashion designers. The fear from getting chipped as well as the obsession with the outside world, gave an ironic tone to my voice whenever I spoke about that with someone. It’s funny how much we fear what close or far future brings while being contented and obsessed with the movies about Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves and all those mythological creatures who are in fashion again, who sneaked out of their secret holes from the underworld of human psyche and, in tune with the rhythm, occupied the Mirage world again. Continue reading