The Goal

photo_2020-04-01_12-27-16If you are clear about your goal, even though your mind is not used to having a clear goal and knowing it at all times, the feeling you should get from contemplating it is one of freedom, of excitement. The Goal should be stronger than other, smaller goals, yet all of them should be contained in it, in the sense that fulfillment of your goal fulfills those other goals too.
If your goal doesn’t provide a sense of freedom, of ecstasy because of freedom, the feeling of being un-conditioned; if its accomplishment doesn’t arouse the adrenaline within the body, if it doesn’t liberate your emotions and thoughts out of the rut, the prison you are now in; if it doesn’t arouse the desire to leap toward it – that goal has no strength, force, emotion, vitality, it has no power. Continue reading